Amazon Tribe Creates 500-Page Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia

An Amazonian Tribe have revealed the secrets behind their medicine in a 500 page encyclopedia, the first of its kind.

The Matsés people of Peru and Brazil have for the first time in history put pen to paper regarding their ancient traditional medical practices.

, a non profit organisation have help create the document which lists every single plant they use for healing and wellness.

The sacred Amazonian medicine techniques have been passed down for centuries and they are thought to have in-depth knowledge of a range of treatments western medicine hasn’t even heard of.

The move is thought to have occurred to preserve these ancient methods as over time and western influence many tribes have ceased their practices to a certain degree after being told they were ineffective by missionaries.

It is important to document it now while some still have knowledge, before it is lost forever.

The work took 2 years to put together and is transcribed in traditional Mastes language, there is no plan at present to translate it to English or Spanish, to further protect the Mastes secrets.