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An Ancient Civilization Discovered Beneath The Sea…

Thousands of years ago and legions beneath the sea exists a civilization, and it’s not Atlantis. No, this civilization is 100% verified, and it exists just off the coast of Sweden.

Researchers from Lund University found a Stone Age civilization brimming with ancient artifacts such as fish traps and an elk antler axe. These items are up to 9,000 years old and reveal an ancient language which researchers have yet to crack.

Image Credit: Lund University via Youtube

Ancient submerged cities are actually quite common. Oceanside real estate has always been a hot commodity, and during the last glaciation, sea levels were much lower than they are currently. The ancient lagoon civilization off the coast of Sweden was found over 65 feet below sea level.

Divers sought this and similar civilizations out in their search for answers. “If you want to understand fully how humans dispersed from Africa and how they lived their lives, we also have to find all their settlements,” says PhD student Anton Hansson.

As technology has improved, researchers like Anton Hansson have been able to discover even more about these ancient societies using bathymetric maps to detail offshore landscapes. It turns out that the people in this civilization had relatively comfortable lives, with warm summers and plentiful food.

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