Ancient Alien Cruise to Mayan Ruins

Ancient Alien Cruise is about getting to meet and interact with several leading authors and researchers about the Ancient Alien Astronaut theories. Dr. Robert Schoch, Hugh Newman, and David Hatcher Childress will be onboard. Each of them will give presentations on their ideas, pros and cons, about this growing field of interest.

Come along with us to gain insight, ask questions and come up with your own decisions and answers to whether or not these are fact or fiction. Millions of people around the world are now asking if these theories hold any truth to them. Ancient Alien Cruise offers exclusive time with the speakers to get their own thoughts on the subject. This group will be limited to 30 cabins, 60 people.

There are quite a few conferences, lectures and other ways to meet the experts, but none like this. Over 5 hours of exclusive time with our speakers, plus sign up early and have dinner in one of the specialty restaurants onboard with the speaker of your choice. Also included and the highlight of the trip is a special, exclusive shore excursion to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. Each speaker will lead a group giving insights, theories, background into the Mayan culture of the past. All of these exclusive events and the shore excursion are included in the cost of the cruise. These won’t be available onboard, you must be part of the group to be included.