Ancient Crystal Weapons Found In Spain?

Most people are aware of the crystal skulls, the best of which, hidden away within the Smithsonian.
Perfectly carved from solid pieces of crystal, their origins, purpose, or indeed possible function, remain a mystery.
What many are not aware of however, is the astonishing archaeological discoveries which have recently been made in Spain.

A remarkable set of crystal weapons found within megalithic tombs at a site known as “Valencina de la Concepci,” archaeologists investigating the site have uncovered a vast array of crystal arrowheads, an exquisite crystal dagger blade, along with a number of other artefacts.

Found within an enormous megalithic structure, constructed out of large slabs of slate, the resting place of at least 25 once clearly very important individuals, along with their extraordinary smorgasbord of grave goods.
Included within the finds was another mystifying number of shrouds… Cloths made of tens of thousands of perforated amber beads.”

Just how they managed to fashion these mysterious crystal weaponsremains unclear, a number of investigators have remarked that great skill must have been required to produce these unique rock crystal weapons.

The rock crystal dagger blade in particular, which was found in the upper level of the Structure, was accompanied by an ivory hilt and sheath. Making it an exceptionally sophisticated, advanced, and valuable object within Late Prehistoric Europe… 214 mm in length, a 59 mm in width and 13 mm thick.

Its morphology is not unheard of in the Iberian Peninsula, although however, all the samples recorded anywhere else were made from flint, and not crystal…

Furthermore, and perhaps even more intriguing, is the fact that the crystal is of unknown origins… Detailed and thorough analysis being unable to successfully pinpoint the original whereabouts of this magnificent crystal.

Given the technical skill and difficulties involved in creating the objects from such a material, rather than simple flint, their purpose, and indeed manufacture has been a tough thing for academia to explain…

They note that while crystal objects were found throughout the site, the more technically sophisticated items, however, were deposited in the larger megalithic structures… As such, it is reasonable to assume that although the raw crystal material was available throughout the community… (This being an assumption of course,,,) than only the kin groups, factions or individuals who were buried in such megalithic structures were able to afford the production of these sophisticated objects.

However, it is unlikely that any funded academic would presume, like we can, that these highly advanced, perfectly manufactured weapons, could in fact be far earlier artefacts, created by a civilisation with far greater capabilities than those of known prehistory.

Supporting this hypothesis, is that despite these objects being found relatively frequently within burials of the 4th, and 3rd millennia BC… Crystal implements disappear from later funerary monuments within the Early Bronze Age – a quote, “truly striking” development, researchers say, as it would seem “the use of this raw material as grave goods was almost entirely abandoned”, end quote… the reason for this remains a mystery. However, is it possible, as mentioned, that these were merely a discovered relic of a bygone era, thus making their availability limited, this would therefore make it appear as though there was a sudden halt in their mysterious and unexplained manufacture, while all the while, in reality, the manufacturing of these objects occurred at a different time in our history…


Source: Mystery History