Anonymous: We Know What The Government Found In Antarctica

The latest warning message from hacker group Anonymous has indicated a turn in the direction of the trade winds after the hacker group released information leading to suspicions of U.S. Military involvement in Antarctica.

Latest Anonymous Message Sends Shockwaves Throughout United States

The group released very little information to the media, but the leaks from Anonymous signals a U.S. Military development project on the unclaimed continent. Watch the Anonymous group’s first video announcement here:

Anonymous, having taken to the internet to release its message, indicated that an enormous amount of military hardware was recently purchased and implemented by the United States government, leading many to speculate what could be the reason for such an advance.

Past military explorations of the Antarctic were lead by Admiral Richard Byrd, a hero to Americans for his feats of bravery, including flying successfully over both poles by plane. In a repeat of history, and during a sensitive time in global relations, the United States has decided to lead expeditions through the Antarctic. But many pose the question, are these movements ones of pre-war aggression or resource exploration? The possibility for global tensions to flare with competitive U.S. Trading partners such as China and Russia seems more likely.

In a second separate video, Anonymous once again calls to attention several irregularities surrounding the Antarctic, this time from many years ago. From the years 1983-1997, researchers and scientists studying the Antarctic report observing flying cargo, in the form of “silver disks”, circling around the Transantarctic Mountains. The crew of researchers also reported seeing a large hole beside ancient ruins, located only 5 miles from the geographic South Pole. All this took place around the same area, a supposed no-fly zone.

The researchers did not think much of it, but during an emergency medevac situation, the researchers flew over the no-fly zone, and looking down, saw something that they should have never seen. Remotely beneath the surface was a supposed extraterrestrial and human research base. Well after this, the scientists who operated there went missing for two weeks, and when they were found several miles away, the pilots who picked them up said that the researchers looked scared. The second Anonymous announcement can be viewed here:

Regardless of what is thought of the existence of these research bases, Anonymous has stated that this type of activity is still being done by the U.S. Government to this day. Only will we find out more upon the next Anonymous hacker release.