Apollo 15 Footage: How Come You Can Hear Hammering In A Vacuum?

An astonishing claim has been made after footage in a video shows two astronauts preparing to put a vacuum into the ground on the moon so that they can retrieve materials.

However, what has baffled scientists is the fact that when the astronauts start to pound the object into the surface the sound of the hammer hitting the object can be heard.

Sound Vibrations Cannot Be Heard On Moon

Conspiracy theorists are baffled as to why they can hear the sound as air is lacking in space and this means that there are no vibrations allowing sound to be able to travel and so there should not be any noise heard from the hammer.

A conspiracy theorist on YouTube said that all communication from astronauts is done through a headset radio. The vibrations are not able to travel through the vacuum to the radio headset of the astronaut, and this means that the strokes from the hammer should not be heard, but they can be clearly heard on the video. It was pointed out that this means that either NASA faked the whole Apollo 15 program or there is air on the Moon.

Did NASA Fake Moon Landing In a Studio

While the clip is a short one it has caused a great deal of debate since it appeared online February 20. One conspiracy theorist said that sound does travel in a studio so people should wake up to the hoax and deception of NASA, claiming that they faked the whole Moon landing in a studio.

Another conspiracy theorist wanted to know how NASA would explain the fact that the sound of the hammering could be heard when there is no air on the Moon, and so it should be impossible. He said that an authentic and real answer from them would be interesting.

Another theorist said that the reason the sounds could be heard was due to the fact that as the astronaut is hammering the vibrations travel up his arm and are then caught by the microphone on his suit and this is why the sound is dull.

There is no doubt that a hammering sound can be heard on the video, so was the Moon landing nothing but a fake and was it recorded in a studio?