Censorship goes NUCLEAR: Naturalnews and Infowars taken down from YouTube

Infowars boss Alex Jones announced Saturday night from his Twitter account that YouTube has frozen his channel with billions of views and over 2.2 million subscribers.

Jones also said that he was told all 33,000 videos he has uploaded to YouTube will be erased on Sunday.

The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube has existed for over ten years and has over 1.5 billion views.

This video was uploaded to Alex Jone’s backup channel “Infowars Censored” on Youtube: www.youtube.com/…

UPDATE: Per CNN’s Oliver Darcy, YouTube has denied telling Jones his channel will be deleted. But whom to believe these days?

YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger channel (Naturalnews) – 1700+ videos “memory holed” forever

In the latest gross violation of free speech committed by big tech giants, YouTube has now deleted the entire Health Ranger video channel, wiping out over 1,700 videos covering everything from nutrition, natural medicine, history, science and current events.

What you need to understand about what’s happening is that this is the opening salvo of an actual war that the Left will soon take kinetic. First, they silence all the pro-America voices across the ‘net.