Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery: Noah’s Ark Was A PYRAMID And Noah Was Egyptian!

The Holy Bible is filled with stories and texts about prophets and their journeys. Some of these stories are filled with extraordinary situations that can only be interpreted as otherworldly. We hear about prophets who speak to angels, demons, and even God.

These prophets have tremendous power given to them by God, like Moses which divided the Red Sea to free his people from the tyranny of the Egyptian empire.

Another story which has left Theologists and scientists scratching their heads is the story of Noah. Noah constructed a massive ark that housed countless species of animals during the deluge.

Archaeologists and scientists tried to verify the authenticity of this story several times.

But recently, experts have revealed that the Dead Sea Scrolls have some things written regarding Noah’s Ark.

The Ark was supposedly a massive pyramid and Noah was an ancient Pharaoh.

Watch the following video to know more:

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