Experts Warn: New ‘Aussie’ Flu Could Kill ‘300 Million’

Influenza has always been a virus that has deadly consequences, especially in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

People behaving more hygienically and wearing flu masks give them some small protection but has never been successful in stopping the spread of flu when it hits. However, modern medicine has been successful in treating the current strains of influenza and the death toll s fairly limited. According to Dr. Jonathan Quick, an expert in influenza and the Chair of the GHC (Global Health Council), this is shortly going to change.

‘Flu is very infectious and there is nothing much you can do to stop it moving about the planet.’

He believes a new strain of flu has the potential to become a global pandemic and could kill as many as 300 million people over a period of just two years. Dr. Quick believes this new strain is already wreaking havoc and is the cause of a dramatic 40% increase in deaths from influenza even in countries such as the USA and the UK. This alarming threat has significant resistance to modern medicines. As is normally the case, the elderly and the very young are the most at risk, however, healthy people are also struck down and can perish at a disturbing rate.

Dr. Quick believes this flu, dubbed the ‘Aussie’ flu after its country of origin, and other illnesses such as swine flu (whose outbreak a few years ago killed more than half a million people) originated in meat factories, especially those with poor practices and that society is effectively contributing to its own demise by continually purchasing from such places and allowing them to continue operating. A vaccine was created in 2015 for this virus but has not had good results so far. Containing may simply be impossible. Often these viruses mix with those of animals, particularly birds, and the human body has no defense against them. The most extreme results could be the collapse of modern civilization as it is known.