Extra-terrestrial Life – What The ELITE Don’t Want You To Know!

It is now clear for many of us around the world that we are NOT alone and being visited by sophisticated Beings not of this world.  From the findings that are being announced by leading scientists to admittance off people in the know from a position of authority that Aliens exists (Former Astronauts, Ex Politicians and even Obama!).

But the very unfortunate thing is that the Elite like hiding the truth in plain sight, which is a favourite tactic of the theirs against us all. I suppose the biggest factor working in the elites favour is massive and widespread public incredulity at their schemes, because let’s be honest with ourselves people, the scale of all this is simply unimaginable for the average Joe Bloggs to comprehend, and THIS is what those supposedly in control use to their advantage!

Its time for change against those few that control us!?

Its time for change against those few that control us!?

To be fair it is very hard to accept that a tiny little group of people, disconnected from all levels or care or compassion, empathy and the rest of humanity, would actively promote war, encourage depopulation and the destruction of our home Planet Earth, but the evidence proves it to the case: from (depopulation) to the  (geo-engineering).

But please do not worry people, because as bad as this all is, it still has not gone so deep into the rabbit hole as of yet. The Elite keep getting over cocky and smart and If you really want an extreme version of hiding truth in plain sight of us all, then check out the short clip below of President Barack Obama glibly coats the truth of alien intervention with a layer of extremely calculated sarcasm…..but sometimes a persons eyes tells a thousand words Mr Obama!


“The Aliens Exercise Strict Control Over Us”

It is clear for the majority of people around the world watching this clip would have watched this and not given it a second thought and then walked just thinking that the whole thing was a joke. But people this response is EXACTLY the kind of pre-calculated response those supposedly in control want to encourage around the whole ‘Alien’ topic! They do this by hiding truth in plain view of us all by making it all into one big massive joke, or perhaps even turn it into science fiction perhaps some kind of movie which either mocks Aliens or makes them out to be the bad guys! This is all a far more effective strategy at shielding the true reality from a rather sceptical public than mere obfuscation or just a point blank denial. But the Elite need to remember one thing, the people of this world are wakening and people like us who know that we are being lied to, are helping to wake the world!

The people of this world are slowly but surely waking!

This particular theme of hiding truth in plain view of the world’s population can be found everywhere especially in the entertainment industries – kids cartoons, music videos, movies and comedy shows! – and one area which is usually highly used is science fiction. Age old Movies and TV series such as Star Trek and V are a particular way that the elite can release a little pressure but without having to engage in FULL open disclosure. And on the flip side of this It’s also a very cunning way that they can claim some plausible deniability, by explaining away all the evidence and shunning it all as “science fiction”….But indeed what we are being presented with is actually Science FACT!

When looking at movies and hiding hidden ‘truths’ look at even more recent films such as Jupiter Ascending, which has Reptilians in it, Alien Greys in it, Government cover-ups, Galactic rulers etc etc the list goes on….

The ‘Reptilian’ guest appearance in the film Jupiter Ascending.

And whilst the Elite believe that such comical rhetoric can keep the masses of this world in disbelief and ridicule, peoples’ minds may remain closed on a short term basis, but now thanks to technology people can see the truth, ‘Google’ the truth from the palm of their hand without of visiting a library.  But think of the amount of UFO sightings around the world which are being captured daily on peoples HD cameras (everybody has a smartphone now)…..the world is slowly but surely going through an ‘Awakening’ process and people like us at U.I.P and yourselves are helping to speed up this process – the Waking of the Masses!

The truth is in the skies above us!

It is clear, and like most leading politicians, Barrack Obama is an extremely good actor! Just look at his delivery as he says these words below;

“The Aliens won’t let it happen.”

“They [Aliens] exercise strict control over us.”

“I can’t reveal anything.”

“That’s what we’re instructed to say.”

No matter how very hard Obama may try to hide the truth, he can’t hide the truth by acting skills. far too many of us in our millions, perhaps even BILLIONS already KNOW the truth about the Alien Beings presence here on Planet Earth, and guess what Obama and co, that number is only going to increase daily and there is NOTHING you can do to stop this!

Overwhelming Evidence Aliens Do Actually Exist

It’s important that if you actually take the time to properly study eyewitness testimonies, and also listen to visitation/abduction accounts and read the vast amount of declassified military documents on this topic, you will most definitely discover a HUGE amount of evidence which not only confirms the existence of ETs, but also that they have been here for a very long time and have already interacted with humanity – some of these Alien Beings have actually entered into set arrangements with our Governments, but sadly NOT in the best interest of humanity…..purely for greed and ‘control’ of the Elite!

Here is a sample of the thousands of credible sources, many of which come from hardened rational military men, who confirm that aliens do exist among us:

Former Command Sergeant Bob Dean who worked at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe), the centre of NATO, who personally had  many  experiences of interacting with Nordic ETs. He reveals that the Shadow Government is deeply involved with ETs in underground facilities (e.g. with the jumproom connecting S4 [Area 51] in Nevada with Pine Gap in Australia) and how there is a big battle between the NWO factions that favour disclosure and the ones that vehemently oppose it.

Veteran Clifford Stone, who had  a personal relationship with a green ET called Korona and has numerous alien tales. Some of these many involved his time in Vietnam where he went on UFO crash recovery missions. He even helped an alien escape from military custody! Stone has publicly stated many times there are  57 alien species already interacting with humanity in some way or another.

ET Contactee Alex Collier, who  has had a long ongoing relationship with evolved beings from the Andromedan Galaxy. Throughout his many video interviews he discusses, in astonishing detail,  the ET presence on Earth, the Reptilian control of our government and institutions, the truth about our Moon, bases on Mars, human treaties signed with evil alien races,  the Government selling us out for greed and technology and many other topics.

Former US military man Phil Schneider, a brave whistleblower who not only encountered alien beings underground, but also got into a gun  fight with them – killing one and wounding another. He was a  geologist, structural engineer and underground tunneling expert who participated in the construction of many deep underground cities and bases in North America. In  his many video presentations  he describes in detail these cities, tunnels and bases, the Government’s secret deal with hostile ETs and advanced alien technology being used by secret US agencies.

ET Contactee Billy Meier, who was one of the first prolific contact stories. Meier was reportedly contacted by an extraterrestrial named Semjase who claimed to be from the Pleiades. She allowed him to take over 1000 clear daytime pictures of her craft and others like it as well as live video – in the 1970s before computers and Photoshop were widespread, so fakery would have been difficult or impossible.

Former US Air Force officer Charles Hall who became familiar with Areas 53 and 54 (called “Dreamland”) and the Dogbone Lake field where the ETs landed their craft. He actually lived with a certain species, which he  describes as tall, thin, with large eyes and transparent hair, and with the ability to dress and look like humans, and to grow again once they get old.

Former US Air Force officer Bill Holden who had many UFO and ET experiences, including several  encounters with alien beings and UFO craft demonstrations. He witnessed 2 Greys in jumpsuits, and a flying double-saucer UFO emerge from water without a splash. He reveals  how relations between aliens and the US government are both on-going and extensive.

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, A former defence minister has accused world leaders of concealing the presence of aliens. Paul Hellyer, who was a Canadian minister from 1963 to 1967, is now urging world powers to release what he believes to be hidden data on UFOs. ‘Much of the media won’t touch [the documents]’, he said during a keynote speech at the Disclosure Canada Tour at the University of Calgary.


There are MANY cases of other ET contacts which include;

Simon Parkes, Arizona Wilder, Whitley Strieber, Mark Richards, Maurizio Cavallo, Ernie Sears, Bonnie Meyer, Alec Newald, Jonathan Reed, James Casbolt, Kim Carlsberg, Douglas Taylor, Travis Walton and  Stan Romanek are also worth investigating, not to mention those who are believed to have seen or worked on UFOs, such as Bob Lazar and U.S. Airforce Captain Robert Salas etc etc etc (probably missing a fair few!).

Researchers Bringing The Truth About ET Reality

There are now numerous credible researchers around the world who have spent their lives studying the ET phenomenon. Take for example Roger Leir, an expert on alien implants; Ann Eller, who worked with the father of UFO and Alien research, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and who served as Hynek’s personal secretary; and Professor David Jacobs who has fascinating evidence of a disturbing ET agenda of building a hybrid human-alien race. Or, listen to Barbara Lamb, Stan Friedman, Bill Cooper, Mary Rodwell, Timothy Good, Steven Bassett, Steven Greer, Linda Moulton Howe or Philip  Corso.

Another person of particular interest is the late Dr. Karla Turner, who investigated the ET abduction phenomenon for decades and collected massive testimonial evidence of the existence of grey and reptilian ETs. Many people have said that she was murdered because of the truth she told and the knowledge she knew! These are all brave people risking their life for the TRUTH!

We Have Been Helped

Here is a quote from Dr. Herman Oberth, a NASA Space Scientist, who said this in 1972.  Not much more needs saying after this:

“Today, we cannot produce machines that fly the same as UFOs do. They are flying by means of artificial fields of Gravity. This would explain the sudden changes of directions. This hypothesis would also explain the piling-up of these discs into a Cylindrical or cigar shaped “Mothership” upon leaving the Earth. Because it is in this fashion, that only one field of gravity be required for all the flying saucers. We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been HELPED. And we have been helped by the people of other WORLDS.”
Not all ETs are “bad”. Not all are “good”. There are countless species, and motivations within those species, for us to make many generalizations. There is a whole universe of hominoid beings out there waiting for us to end the planetary secrecy and take our place in the galactic community. However, it’s not going to happen until a critical mass can discern the truth, hiding in plain sight.”



One thing is for sure, not all ET Beings are bad and not all are good!(a bit like Human Beings!) It is clear that there are countless, possibly endless amount of species out there in the Infinite Universe, and I guess the different species have their very own motivations for us to make many generalizations.

Out there, in the vastness of ‘unknown’ there is an entire universe of hominoid beings waiting for us to end the planetary secrecy and take our place within the galactic community. But, and it is a big BUT, this is NOT going to happen until a significant mass of this planets population can decipher the truth, which hiding in plain view from us all.

One other thing, it is becoming clear by the sheer amount of UFO sightings being seen around the world (of course some will be hoaxes) that some of the ET’s are potentially trying to force their very own disclosure….Together as one we can force our own Disclosure!

I salute all of the brave Truth seekers out there and the people in the know who have helped to push for the Truth.


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