FBI Finally Releases Tesla Documents on Death Ray, Ball Lightning and More

Finally, after all this time the FBI has released its document cache of files containing information on Nikola Tesla. Files that include his inventions like the death ray and ball lightning as well as how his notes were obtained by the government following his death.

Tesla was an inventor and innovator who was considered at the very least decades ahead of his time. He predicted and helped to develop an early prototype of a smartphone among many other things. Tesla was even able to predict back in 1922 which was mentioned in Volume 100 of Popular Science Monthly.

“It will soon be possible to see as well as hear by means of electricity. ‘Television’ will be employed as generally as telephoning. As one listens to a voice at the other end of the line, he will also see every expression of the speaker’s face,” explained Tesla in his article.

“In a general way the instrument used for television will closely resemble the mechanism of the human eye. Success in transmitting vision depends upon four things, and of these I have already perfected two.

“The radio transmission of sound will also be developed in the future far beyond the present system. It will be possible not only for any person with a station to listen in, but also to transmit at the same time to every other station. I have already accomplished this in my experiments.”

His forward thinking and incredible inventions made him quite the target for the FBI. When he died in the midst of World War II (January 7th, 1943) the FBI rushed to seize truck loads of his work in order to prevent the possibility of these things falling into the hands of Axis forces. Considering though that most of his works centered around things like electricity and amplifying power the United States government was likely to have ulterior motives to this that were not put to paper.

While we may not ever know the true motives behind why his notes and memos were taken looking back on the things he has done and reading through these files truly shows just what a genius Tesla was. It is clear he was far beyond his time.

Despite Nikola Tesla’s astonishing achievements, he has been all-but omitted from government education.

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