First human FROZEN by cryonics ‘will be brought back to life in just TEN years’

Dennis Kowalski, the president of Cryonics Institute in the United States, has made the incredible announcement that cryonics is advancing so fast that he is unable to keep up with the demand for it. The institute spearheads the process of freezing human beings by cryogenics.

First Cryogenically Frozen Human Being Could Be Brought Back To Life In 10 Years

Huge Advancements In Technology Boosted Interest In Cryogenic Freezing

Dennis spoke exclusively and said that technology is making huge advances and went on to talk about CPR and said that it would have seemed not possible only 100 years ago. He said that today people take technology for granted. Dennis used to work as a paramedic and said that the reason he got into cryogenics was thanks to a book with the title of Engines of Creation by J Robert Freitas which has the focus on nanotechnology.

The book was published in 1986, and in it, the author gave a prediction that by 2040 to 2050 the first cryogenically frozen human being would be brought back to life. However, Dennis believes this is going to happen far sooner. He said that it depended on how much technology, such as stem-cells, advance shortly. Dennis revealed that one of the important things was that the body tissue is preserved in the process of freezing. He thinks that bringing someone back to life may be possible in 100 years or so, but it might be close to ten years instead.

Around 2,000 People Signed Up To Be Frozen, 160 Already Frozen

The Cryonics Institute is situated in Michigan, and they have had around 2,000 people sign up wanting to be frozen when they die along with 160 patients frozen already in liquid nitrogen tanks. Before a frozen dead body could be brought back to life, there are three main problems that would have to be overcome.

The cells that had been the cause of the death of the person would have to have a cure, for instance, if the person had cancer and this was the cause of death. Any cells that had suffered damage when the freezing process was undertaken would need to be fixed, and the cells that had been damaged by aging would have to be repaired.

The first human being to have been frozen using cryonics was Dr. James Bedford, and he passed away in 1967. Bedford had made plans to be frozen before he became ill and his brain and body were then frozen. Experts have said that he could essentially be a candidate to be the first person to be thawed and brought back to life.

Cost Of Freezing A Family Is About $100k

Dennis did say that people have said that he is playing God. There has also been some controversy over the fact that he took out a policy for life insurance with the aim of having his three children and wife frozen when they pass away. The cost of freezing his family cryogenically came to around $100k, and he insisted that what he is doing is not science fiction, it is just about the creation of a better world. He concluded by saying that there is not any reason why people should not live forever if they had the body of a 20-year-old; they could live another 100 years.

It has even been speculated that cryogenic freezing could take over and replace traditional funerals in just a few years.