Forget About Searching Mars For Water! A Fossilized Dinosaur Has Been Found

NASA has made announcements that they found signs there used to be water on the surface of Mars, but this has been shadowed by the claims of alien hunters who have said that they found a fossilized dinosaur in rocks on Mars.

The alien hunters put photographs online which had been taken originally by the Mars Curiosity Rover of NASA. The photograph revealed a rock formation that was strange and UFO researchers have claimed that it might be the bones of a pre-historic monster that lived on Mars, which became fossilized.

Mars Curiosity Rover Took Photos Revealing Fossilized Dinosaur

The photograph was uploaded to YouTube by the channel Paranormal Crucible, and they said that it had been taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover close to the Gale Crater. In the video, it was said that it appears to show the remains of dinosaur from prehistoric times. The alien hunters pointed out that if a closer look is taken, there is a large skull that has a defined small bone along with large empty eye socket and a big curved spine.

It was said that when the fossil is rebuilt using enhancement techniques along with colorization it is then possible to see that the artifact is the remains of a creature that used to live on the red planet.

Fossilized Remains Could Be Prehistoric Or Just A Few Hundred Years Old

In the video, it was said that the fossilized remains of the creature could be prehistoric, but it was also suggested that perhaps it could have been just a few hundred years of age and could be the remains of the Martian version of the Komodo dragon that roams around Earth but which could survive in harsh environments. In the video, it was said that it could be possible that it was a hybrid species of a dragon that had once walked around Mars.

You might think that NASA would be very excited about such a discovery. However, it seems that it might not be uncommon and what has been called evidence of just about everything from aliens to prehistoric fossils and tools from the stone age have been suggested. NASA has explained the so-called fossil away as being nothing more than rocks that have eroded, as they have in the past, and said that alien hunters are victims of an optical illusion. They said that the brain tricks the eye into seeing shapes and objects that are familiar with surfaces that are textured or in patterns.