HUGE Alien Structures Above Earth – Caught By NASA And ‘U.I.P Follower’

Recently one of U.I.P’s followers, Connor Bruce McAreavey, sent us over a link to a video which included in it a video of a GoPro camera attached to a fairing, It captured an amazing view in real time as it fell back down to Earth.   BUT this is where it gets really interesting! If you watch until 1.30 / 1.31 seconds and pause it, look at the right hand side just after the sign disappears, some sort of spiral object above earth ~ this HAS been doubled checked by myself and the rest of the team and confirmed, that this HUGE object truly is there next to earth and some distance away…which confirms how HUGE it’s structure must be!

Please see the image and video below – Remember to look to the right of the screen and you can CLEARLY see the large structure (or whatever it is!?).  Another strange thing about this odd object above earth is the fact that you can see a UFO above it too, perhaps the two are linked! Please watch the video below and then see NASA’s own ‘Huge structure’ capture!:


And now onto NASA’s Capture..

MXK from the U.I.P admin team posted to our admin page the other day an image/video which straight away I thought ‘Wow’ is this the same huge object above earth that our follower had found or is this something different!?

A girl called Emily apparently first informed Third phase of the moon (don’t hold that against her!) BUT I have double checked the image and YES it is a 100% real and courtesy off our friends at NASA – Are they yet again giving us a snipped of the madness which is going on above Planet Earth or was this an accidental slip up!?

It seems like NASA have been ‘slipping’ up with their live footage above earth quite a lot recently!

Please check out the video and image below:

U.I.P SUMMARY – The BIG question is what could these HUGE structures be above earth?! It has been stated that the image in NASA’s capture is in the region of about 12,000 miles in length! Could this be the reason WHY we are seeing so very many UFO sightings recently and as mentioned in a previous post, UFO sightings are dramatically on the rise….could these huge structures possibly be huge mother-ships for a specific Alien race!?

Could this also be the reason why the US Military keep sending top secret crafts into space with NO explanation as to what they are up to!? Quite possibly YES!

Please please please share this post and keep your eye out for more images to be released by NASA soon….it’s important we discover the TRUTH about what is going on around us.

We will keep you updated on this.

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