Humans on Mars? NASA image shows FOOTPRINT on MARS

Does this prove there’s life on the red planet, or that SOMEONE has already visited Mars?

Another sensational discovery has been made on the surface of our neighboring planet. A recent image—uploaded by NASA—shows what appears to be a footprint of the surface of Mars. Curiously, many have already compared the alleged footprint on Mars to the one that was left behind by astronauts on the moon, concluding that the footprints are basically the same.

Does this prove that the numerous whisterlblowers—who spoke out about Mars and how we’ve already visited the red planet—are correct?

This controversial iamge—which many see as the ultimate evidence of life on Mars—.

Curiously, if we compare the alleged footprint on Mars to the one left behind by astronauts during the moon landing we see an incredible similarity.

NASA explains what we are seeing in the image: “…soil disturbed by the left front wheel of the Spirit rover evokes impressions of the first footprint on Mars.”

But is this really ‘a footprint-like track’ left behind by the Spirit rover?

According to several comparisons, the answer is no.

One of the best images of the tracks left behind by NASA rovers on Mars is the following one:

As you can see the tracks left behind by the rover are unlike the curious footprint on Mars.

As many have already concluded, the tracks left behind by the rover differ in several details. First of all, unlike the marks left behind by NASA’s rover, the footprint on Mars features irregularities in terms of where the pressure was applied.

By observing the footprint left behind on te moon and the newly discovered one on Mars a fascinating similarity can be found according to UFO researchers.

The footprint on Mars eerily resembles the one left behind on the Moon by Apollo astronauts.

This controversial image has already created a widespread debate on social networks where people have rushed in to have their say.

Many conspiracy theorists agree that the footprint on Mars only adds veracity to the numerous whistleblowers who have spoken out about secret space missions on Mars.

One of the best examples is the disclosure by ‘Secret Space Program whistleblower  who released a statement detailing human activity on Mars, saying that mankind has been on the surface of the red planet for a long, long time.

“Mars was first visited by the Germans as far back as the 1930s, but during the 70s, US space programs were actively exploring Mars and other planets to establish bases. In 1980 the US SSP became – Solar Warden. Under Project Solar Warden vast development and colonization occurred on Mars and other planets. Goode continues, “Bases on Mars were built under the surface.”

But doesn’t that sound crazy? Well, he isn’t the only one to have said it, and if we go ahead and take a look at a statement from Senator Daniel K. Inouye, we will realize just how profound this subject really is.

There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” ()

The funny thing is that according to several statements, humans have had the technology for space travel for a long time: “During my tenure in the Navy, we discovered that the Germans had been inventing space technology since the early 20th century.” —.

Here an interesting video:


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