Hurricane Irma is not alone Lydia is right behind, Apocalypse has begun

FLOOD ravaged Houston may be next to feel the force of another powerful hurricane Lydia, that could signal the start of the Apocalypse if a self-styled prophet is to be believed.

Brother Billy Nelson wrote eight years ago on August 30 2009, that while on a cruise ship he “looked out over the water and saw massive amounts of debris coming into the waterway.”

He said: “I saw pieces of rooftops, houses, and all manner of trash floating in the water.

“It was the leading edge of incredible amounts of fragments of what used to be homes and businesses.”

Mr. Nelson claimed God warned him ‘when you see this it has begun’.

“What has begun? Billy understood it was a confirmation of many other prophetic warnings God had already given him regarding judgment coming to the United States.

“What Brother Billy saw in his dream is happening today as he is currently on a cruise ship near Houston, stranded with 20,000 other passengers.”

Mr. Nelson claimed to have a second vision on September 15 2009.

He said at the time: “In the vision, I was observing from a high altitude.

“I saw the Houston, Galveston coastline below.

“A very weak unnamed storm was brewing just off shore.

“Then it suddenly intensified and became a very large black storm like no one had ever seen.

”The storm moved inland in a large black mass and engulfed the city of Houston and surrounding area.

“Soon afterward the storm withdrew, it drags back a massive amount of debris as it returned to sea.”

“Even though the first storm has already landed, we have not been shown how much time passes before the second one hits.

“Perhaps the area will be granted a reprieve.”

This Visions means Houston could feel the force of Hurricane Irma and another as yet unknown storm. Storm Lydia is right behind Irma, weather forecasts show.

Weather experts have forecast Irma will reach the tip of Florida by the Gulf of Mexico, which is around 600 miles from Houston.

In the meanwhile, Hurricane Irma’s path of destruction can be seen clearly from space in terrifying footage captured by Nasa.Nasa and the NOAA said in a statement: “NASA and NOAA satellites have been providing valuable satellite imagery to forecasters at the National Hurricane Center, and revealed that Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane.”

Hurricane Irma has sent officials in Florida into a frenzy, with authorities beginning evacuation procedures.The deadly storm, which is set to be one of the strongest on record, is currently making its way across the Atlantic ocean and has just encountered St Martin and is now heading towards the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Irma will eventually hit the US and devastate the south east coast, mainly Florida, when it arrives on Sunday 10, just a matter of days after the southern part of the country was battered by Hurricane Harvey.The National Hurricane Centre has also issued warnings for more than a dozen Caribbean islands including the northern Leeward Islands, the US and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Cuba and the Bahamas are also under threat as the massive Category Five hurricane brings dangerous 180 mph winds, storm surge, and torrential rain.

Fortunately for us many people have predicted the end of the world on many occasions and all have come and passed without incident.