ISS Spots UFO Megaship! NASA Cuts ‘LIVE’ Feed Again! [VIDEO]

Startling footage of what some believe to be a bizarre “megaship” was captured on a live NASA feed by an International Space Station (ISS) camera.

The object was first identified by YouTube user StreetCap1, who uploaded screenshots and portions of the feed to the social platform at the end of May.

“I thought I was seeing things,” the user wrote under the video. “I had to be quick.”

Right after the “megaship” was captured on tape, NASA allegedly dimmed the live feed—a move that some suspect was intended to hide evidence.

“The dimming at the end was sudden and my guess is [NASA] turned down the brightness a little,” StreepCap1 writes.
In the footage below, a “cigar-shaped object” appears to hover above the Earth’s horizon. There are a few mysterious orbs positioned below it.

After the video went viral, Tyler Glockner, owner and creator of conspiracy group Secure Team 10, spoke to reporters at the Mirror about the sighting.

“We definitely see some anomalous objects. We have this very long cigar-shaped UFO. It’s unidentified, we don’t know what it is,” Glockner said. “And then below it, we have these two reflective-looking orbs or objects that are obviously under very low resolution because NASA likes to give us low res videos and keep the high-resolution stuff to themselves.”

Glockner claims he has monitored hundreds of ISS live feeds. He believes he has spotted UFOs on several different occasions.

Source: Daily Mail,

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