It is confirmed: Aliens can’t survive Russian winter!

We recently received another video that was shot a few years ago in Russia.It’s about incredible a rare amateur video where we can notice a little, frozen and very dead body of an alien. The video was shot in Russia, in the Irkutsk area , near the border with Mongolia.

The residents of the surrounding area confirmed that they saw a huge spacecraft in the sky shining in several colors and then fell to the ground. The impact from the fall of the spacecraft was so scary that some of them thought it was an earthquake.

It is not known how many aliens were in the spacecraft, and the one seen on the tape is presumed to have survived the blow, but that he could not stand a lot out in the cold weather, which at that time of the year could be quite severe. Authorities have hidden the message from the alien in which he complains of the cold weather in Russia, claiming that he could not withstand a single hour of this cold weather, claimed that from the place where he comes from, it is eternal summer and the planet has 3 suns.