KGB Located Mummified Frame Of Historical Alien ‘God’

In 1961, the KGB launched venture Isis, a pinnacle-secret program designed to reap alien era. it culminated with the invention of a 13,000 12 months-old alien body inner a tomb in the Giza plateau in Egypt.

In the early years of the cold struggle, Russian navy officials feared the us had gained a tactical benefit via opposite-engineering alien technology, possibly by reading UFOs such as the one that crashed close to Roswell. decided to own advanced generation themselves, the Russians used their intelligence services to discover several places wherein extraterrestrial artifacts is probably determined.

this kind of locations changed into an ancient tomb positioned inside the Giza plateau in Egypt. they based their search on an vintage legend about the tomb of the visitor god.

as the tale goes, Bedouins by chance stumbled upon the ancient resting region of an alien visitor. immediately after getting into the tomb, the 2 men fell ill and had been hospitalized. before they succumbed to the mysterious infection, they were capable of provide details about the tomb’s whereabouts.

the Egyptian government traded this statistics with their Russian allies, who wanted to reach the tomb of the vacationer god before the CIA determined out about it. as a result, they speedy organized a undertaking Isis excursion. a set of soviet Egyptologists, scientists and military employees have been assisted by using their Egyptian counterparts in finding the tomb. this facts is verified by way of Russian scientist Viktor Ivanvich, who had get entry to to labeled KGB files:

“There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists with military experts have discovered a tomb in Egypt in 1961. But in the documents it has never been revealed exactly what was found inside the sarcophagus. Only sources of the highest ranks of the KGB know that we have found the remains of an alien creature that died in Egypt 10,000 before Christ”.

The Russian-Egyptian day trip managed to find the tomb and reportedly secured numerous artifacts. according to a file to a senior officer of the KGB, 15 bins of artifacts have been taken from the tomb of the Traveller god.

hieroglyphic inscriptions were copied and translated. most of the inscriptions turned into a prophecy foretelling about the go back of a winged alien god. the record also mentions the presence of a shielding barrier:

“During the inspection of the walls we noticed a strange repulsive force coming out of the walls. We could not find any scientific explanation”.