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This is the box. The Box of Crazy
Roughly 29″ by 38″ on the exterior. It smells of basements and dampness.

Most pieces are around 20″ x 30″, a number of the pages in here are blank.

Text on a poster (with corrections). I feel that I should comment on the content, but I really don’t know what to say about this.

Text #1

Text #2

Text #3

Text #4

Nicely lettered and drawn, useful information.

Technical Drawings:
This is by far the most interesting piece for my tastes. It looks like a patent application, quite large and very detailed.

The other technical drawing. Still not crazy.

Map obsession:
Cool map of airline routes.

Fairly small maps, hand-drawn on a clear-ish plastic-like material.

They all have a hole in the middle, perhaps to be overlaid on something else.

Personal items:
Letter, I can’t make much out.

Perhaps the letter is in Danish or another language from that part of the world.

A clue! perhaps military service in WWII?

Begin the crazy:
Ahh. Now things start to get a little odd. It seams that the artist saw something in Tampa, FL in 1977 that changed him.

This appears to be an early sketch of the event.

A rendering of one of the entities.

An obvious blending of the religious and the extraterrestrial.

There are several of these cut-outs, perhaps used to finalize the placement.

Tiny cow sketch (with helmet)

No comment.

An explanation of the subsequent slide.

Geometric patterns.

Beast #1

Beast #2

Beast #3

Beast #4

Beast (sketch)

Beast (sketch)

Beast (sketch)

Beast (sketch)

Clearly the artist is drawing upon his mechanical drawing skills to attempt to render the vision.

The culmination (without text)

This is the culmination of the cannonization of forms and all the placement studies. Here the artist reaches his peak and the vision is rendered.

Take a little break from the crazy with a couple of pages of B&W nudes, the other sides are more racy, but these speak to the artist’s mindset and disposition.

I got distracted by the interesting stain & paper texture on one of the blank pages.

After here are detail shots. Keep in mind the scale of the drawings and remember that these are often just small areas of the whole.

Detail shots of the proceeding pieces:

I like the Puma-Train (with wings).

This is how things were done before auto-CAD.

I couldn’t find any information about a patent for this or under his name.

This is my new wallpaper.