Mysterious sea monster weighing 24-STONE baffles locals on beach

STUMBLING across a mammoth dead fish on a peaceful beach walk was not what one shocked couple expected.

The mysterious creature, almost two metres long, was discovered on a beach in Bundaberg, Australia by John and Riley Lindholm.

Baffled, the couple filmed the creature and posted the snaps on social media, asking if anyone else knew what it was.

John said: “I’ve seen a lot of fish, and a lot of big fish, but I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bizarrely, the entire carcass of the creature is complete, even though it has washed up on the shore.

John and Riley walk all the way around it to make sure they film every angle.

These pictures of the creature show just how large it is

Oddly, the carcass of the creature is intact, even though it was washed all the way up to shore

In another odd twist, the pair returned the following day to discover the creature had vanished.

John told ABC News: “‘I’ve seen a lot of fish and its pectoral fin right down near the tail looked a bit odd, sort of looked like it had a joint there, and if it had the same on the other side that could be exactly what it is.”

A spokesperson for the Queensland Fisheries and Boating Patrol said that after much consultation, they had decided the fish was a groper.

They said: “How the fish came to be washed up on the beach and its cause of death also could not be determined.”

The Queensland groper fish is one of the largest fishes to be found on coral reefs.

Catching the fish is banned in Queensland because it is a protected species.