Mysterious Sounds Heard Across the World: Apocalypse is coming ?

Riders of the Apocalypse appeared in the sky!

Something very strange is going on in recent years in the atmosphere on the planet

Whether it comes to aliens, changes in the earth’s core or CHEMTRAILS, HAARP?

People all around the world take photos of this strange phenomena. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them? What is going on? Can it affect a human evolution? What do you think about that?

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Mysterious Sounds Heard Across the World: Apocalypse is coming ?

Starting in the second half of 2012 and accelerating into 2017, reports have flooded in from hundreds of cities around the world regarding the strange and powerful sounds and mysterious noises emanating from unknown sources. Varying from “midnight roars” and loud booms to industrial drones that seem to permeate the walls of the cities, these sounds have been reported by thousands of people and documented for all to hear. Perhaps the creepiest sound has been the oft-reported omnipresent trumpet horns played in eerie musical patterns.


The Incomprehensible Scale and Frequency of the Mysterious Sounds

What’s most incredible has been the widespread nature of the sounds–they are heard simultaneously by thousands of people in completely different parts of the world in different time zones; the phenomenon’s geographic scale has encompassed up to 5 counties at once. In 2013, explosive bangs were heard in Buffalo, New York, and London, England–cities separated by three thousand miles–at the same time, with thousands of people reporting to local police. Authorities in both locations confirmed that there were no jets in the area, no seismic activity, no fracking, etc. Infact, there was no explanation.

On March 16th, 2015, from North Carolina to New Jersey, a distance of 345 miles, roaring explosive sounds exactly 20 seconds in length were heard exactly two hours apart in sequential patterns.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you YouTube ‘mysterious sounds’ you can literally consume hours upon hours of different eye witness examples. The following are the ones we find to be most disturbing–keep reading after the last video, because we will propose the mind boggling possible explanation to this mysterious phenomenon.

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