Since the mid 1600s, there have been numerous documented instances where people claim to have seen UFOs and aliens walking amongst us on Earth.

While many people remain skeptical about the idea, the possibility of having been visited by alien lifeforms seems a little less crazy if you factor in places like the ever­mysterious Area 51, or extensive governmental studies, such as Project Blue Book. Whether you’re a diehard believer or a stout cynic, every day hundreds of people claim to have seen aliens with their own two eyes.

5. Alien in the Cemetery

In December of 2005, an individual was walking through what appears to be a historical cemetery, filming the antiquated headstones. This individual failed to notice anything at the time of filming, and only later realized something was amiss when he reviewed the footage at his house.

A small, alien­like creature appears from behind a large tombstone, clearly curious about the man. His grayish­brown skin nearly blends perfectly with the tombstone, and it’s easy to see how the man could have missed this miraculous sighting at the time it occurred.

4. The Creature on the Roof

This video is from a remote village in Mexico. In 2015, a man heard strange noises coming from outside his house. Both scared and curious, the man decided to grab his video camera before he walked outside to investigate. Hearing something rustling through the foliage beyond, the man zooms in with the camera. Unfortunately, a strange, high­pitched squealing behind him makes the man realize he’s been looking in the wrong place. As he turns, a tall, slender, alien­like creature can be spotted on his roof, staring down at him. The creature flees after a few moments, and the man is smart enough not to pursue it.

Over the years, many tourists and X File enthusiasts have flocked to the borders of Area 51, hoping to catch a glimpse of something out of this world. In this video, three college­age guys have taken a road trip to this now notorious location in Lincoln County, Nevada. The guys walk around the border of the facility, and film the now iconic warning signs that line the area. After speaking with a fellow group of tourists, the young man holding and speaking into the camera turns back towards the car and is shocked to see an unidentified creature walking across the road. The three guys begin to freak out and flee back to the car, but the strange creature seemed to have disappeared altogether.

2. Road Trip Gone Wrong.

Little is known about the origins of this footage, except that it was recently filmed. A group of guys are filming their journey down a road when somebody off camera claims to have seen something strange while traveling under an overpass. One of the group members grabs the camera, and they walk across the road. There, hiding behind a large concrete pillar is a strange looking creature that makes an eerie high pitched noise when they attempt to approach it. Seeing the creature pop his head out once more, the guys quickly retreat out of fear.

1. A Nighttime Stroll

In April of 2011, a young Australian man decided to film his cat while it roams around on his back porch. After the cat saunters off, the young man notices something odd in the distant reeds. Zooming in, he’s shocked to see an alien observing him from several yards away. Once the Australian realizes what he’s looking it, he freaks out… like anyone in their right mind would.