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NASA Claims: Over 30 advanced civilizations have collapsed before us – Are we next?

The future of our civilization is uncertain. The existence of such uncertainty is even confirmed by a study conducted by NASA.

NASA is interested in discovering the patterns within civilizations which lead to their downfall.

Numerous stories exist on how an ancient advanced civilization became so progressive and dominant that it eventually collapsed.


You probably never noticed anything similar but such stories are true. The perfect example of that is France in the 18th century. Back then France was very powerful and influential. France was very progressive at that time and became a superpower. However, France was very aware of this and its reckless behavior, lavish lifestyle led them into chaos. France spent all the money and had a lot of debts.

France serves as an example of a pattern that repeats itself through history and is evident in modern-day society.

Such pattern that leads a country into a state of chaos can be identified even today.


Researchers believe that such pattern was present in all other cultures and civilizations and not only France.

Countries were responsible for their own downfall. The pattern that is noticeable today which leads to collapse was equally present in the past and in the present day.

It became evident that a pattern responsible for the collapse of a society existed in the past and it has the ability to endanger the future and sustainability of today’s complex society and culture.

While lifestyles were much different in the distant past than they are today, it turns out that there is an ongoing pattern encrusted into humanity that raises numerous questions about our sustainability as a civilization which ultimately challenges our ability to stay ‘afloat’ as a complex society and culture.

Such factor probably existed even in the distant past. Civilization that existed before the Inca and Egyptian civilization were also wiped out from Earth.

Another example of an advanced ancient civilization is the Ancient Maya.  They were highly sophisticated and advanced at that time which is also evident in the existence of the Maya script. The Maya script is the only known developed writing system of the Pre-Columbian Americas.

The Ancient Maya are also known for their use of rubber. They used this substance to create a number of products even 3000 years before the Old World became familiar with rubber substance.

Maya left behind captivating monuments, pyramids, ancient cities, writing techniques and other. However, the Maya culture also vanished like all other other great civilizations.

Researchers decided to take all this into account and research the similar pattern discovered in all civilizations which suddenly collapsed.

According to scientists, such factors should not be ignored as the majority of these civilizations showed the presence of a repeating pattern.

This topic was researched in a study which was partially funded by NASA.

It is believed that demise and disappearance of once sophisticated civilizations was caused by a chaotic pattern.

Mathematician Safa Motesharri used a “Human and Nature Dynamical” model to state that recurrent cycle of rise-and-collapse is present all over history.

He also said:

“The fall of the Roman Empire and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.”

“Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.”


(Study: Sciencedirect.com)

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