NASA Found Giant Alien Face On Mars Captured In Bombshell Clip

The rock feature wasphotographed by NASA space probes from above the Red Planet and posted on the US space agencies website in 2005.But they have only been spotted by users recently.NASA named the image “Chryse Alien” and insists the rock is just a meteorite impact crater that has been left in the unusual form by later erosion.Originally shared on a conspiracy website earlier this week, UFO researcher Scott C Waring is convinced there could be more to it than a simple crater.

He wrote: “This was found and recorded by NASA on Jan 26, 2005 and yet no one has ever heard of it until now.””

This crater on Mars is called the ‘Chryse Alien’. Yeah, you heard me right. NASA named it after an alien!”

They see an alien face here! The measurement bar in the upper left of the photo tells us how long 150 metres is, so this head is about 350 meters by 400 meters.

“The researcher is convinced that the carvings cannot have formed naturally.He added: “The two eyes are each over 250 meters long and perfectly matched in size and width.

“The ridges along its centre forehead show a unique feature of the alien not often seen.”

The footage has since been shared on popular YouTube channel UFOmania — where it has racked up almost 9,000 hits in 24 hours. But some were not so convinced.

One comment read: “Because it’s shaped a certain way andNASA calls it alien, that is hard proof aliens exist?”And another added: “Just cause a crater is shaped like a giant alien head it doesn’t mean it’s an alien.”