NASA Got Sick of All Conspiracy Theories and Released 10,000+ Photos From the Apollo Moon Mission

We have all heard countless conspiracy theories claiming that the Moon landing was a hoax, but what is the truth?

Many times over the conspiracy theories behind the moon landing have been falsified and cast out. Many good points are usually brought up things like, why haven’t we gone back and how it might have been a scam intended to let us get one in over Russia. These are things that should definitely be taken into consideration when looking into the moon landing.

Back in 2015,  had finally had enough and decided to  These photos leave no question as to whether the moon landing was real or not. What do you think after seeing them? Did NASA release these photos as a means to disprove or prove the theories?









To see more of these pictures please Was this a means of silencing the conspiracy theorists on the event itself? These pictures are quite captivating whether they are real or not. Why weren’t these released sooner?

Is there something much bigger going on out there? Maybe the reason for not returning to the moon is based on something they found there? Eventually, it will all come to the surface. If you want a little more information on Moon landing conspiracy theories please watch the video below.

To see a video where astronauts admit that they have never been out of Earth’s lower orbit, click