Nibiru: Are you prepared?

The term Planet X was coined by the the astronomer Percival Lowell sometime around 1905 and 1908. It describes an unobserved planet that perturbs the orbit of a known planet. Perturbation is a deviation in a known planets orbit. The planet x we are searching for is Neptune’s perturber. Which like Neptune, orbits our Sun. For this reason planet x is described in ancient wisdom and texts from around the world as Marduk, Frightener, Destroyer, Hercolobus and Nibiru.

So is Planet X an internet hoax perpetrated by fear mongering, click baiting profit speakers as debunkers claim? There has to be more to it than that? There is and it begins in eighteenth century Europe.

The European search for Planet X – 1781

On March 13th 1781 William Herschel  discovered Uranus, making it the first planet discovered by telescope. Following its discovery European astronomers turn their telescopes on to Uranus and observe perturbations in its orbit. This discovery will launch the search for planet x.



If one had to chose the father of planet x research then it would have to be Alexis Bouvard. A French astronomer who observed the perturbations in the orbit of Uranus and attributed them to the existence of an unknown planet. The first planet x. Unfortunately he died before the existence of Neptune could be mathematically determined by French mathematician Urbain le Verrier and British mathematician John Couch Adams using Bouvards observations. Verrier gets the official credit because he relayed his findings to John Galle at the Berlin Observatory. Five days later Neptune was observed by Galle on 23rd September 1846. This made Neptune the first planet discovered by mathematical prediction. So Neptune was also the first planet x to be discovered but subsequent calculations based on the orbits of both Uranus and Neptune hinted at yet another planet x well beyond the orbit of Neptune and so the search resumed not in Europe but in America.

The American search for Planet X – 1894

                 Lowell Observatory

The Lowell Observatory was established in 1894 in Flagstaff, Arizona. The home of Meteorite Creator by Percival Lawrence Lowell an independent businessman, mathematician and astronomer. One reason he founded the observatory was to study the planet Mars and its “canals”. The other was to search for other objects in our solar system. Most particularly, Neptune’s preturber, Planet X. A fact that revisionist historians downplay or paint over. Yet it was always Lowell’s intention to find Planet X that led to the discovery of Pluto.


 Clyde Tombaugh

In 1929 the young astronomer Clyde W Tombaugh, retained by the Lowell Observatory, was to carry on the search for Planet X. Then on February 18th 1930 he discovered Pluto and at the time astronomers believed he had discovered Planet X, Neptune’s preturber. Consistently the subject of planet x then languished for some time after Tombaugh’s discovery. However after the discovery of Pluto’s moon Chiron in 1978 it was discovered that Pluto lacked the mass to be Neptune’s preturber as its only 60% the size of our own Moon. The search for Planet X was once again back on. Its also interesting to note that Pluto was later demoted to the status of a dwarf planet in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union.


  Immanuel Velikovsky

In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky published “Worlds in Collision” and he was viciously attacked by mainstream science even though he corresponded frequently with Albert Einstein. What generated this medieval response from modern science was the fact that he used ancient accounts to question the Darwinian theory of evolution with evidence of periodic cataclysms caused by large objects moving through the core of our solar system. Despite ruthless suppression his work reopened the discussion of Planet X and following that a steady stream on information merged both in mainstream science and the media.


                       Pioneer 10

On March 3rd 1972, NASA launched the Pioneer 10 spacecraft to explore the outer planets. However according to government whistle blowers its real purpose was to discover Planet X or to at least narrow down the search field. An interesting aspect of Pioneer 10 is the Gold anodised aluminium plaque designed by astronomer Carl Sagan should the spacecraft be found by extra terrestrials. At present communication with Pioneer 10 is no longer possible.


        Zachariah Sitchin


Following the launch of Pioneer 10 the subject of Planet X would have languished again if it hadn’t have been for Zachariah Sitchin the author of “The Twelfth Planet” first published in 1976. According to his translations of ancient cuniform Sumerian texts, a race of beings living on a planet called “Nibiru” bio-engineered early hominids on Earth to turn them into slaves to mine gold. Known as the “Anunnaki ” they lived on Nibiru, what we call Planet X today. The Sumerian account tells us Nibiru orbits our Sun every 3600 years often causing “great cataclysms” on Earth. Sitchens theories and translations are corroborated by a text called the Kolbrin bible. According to Planet X researcher Gregg Jenner in his book “Planet X and the Kolbrin bible connection” previous flybys of Nibiru resulted in the sinking of Atlantis, the great flood and the ten plagues of Exodus.


Although Sitchen was constantly attacked and mocked by fundamentalists, the American government took his work seriously and on January 25th 1983, NASA launched the infra-red astronomical satellite. IRAS. Its mission was to map the skies using infra-red. According to NASA IRAS was “unable to complete its mission due to a failure of its super cooling system” and the data collected from the spacecraft was classified and never seen again. Again government whistle blowers say this is a cover up because NASA shut down IRAS after it imaged Planet X. Their accounts parallel an article published by the New York Times on January 30th 1983, shortly after the IRAS launch, evidence assembled in recent years has led several groups of astronomers to renew their search for the tenth planet by devoting more time to visual observations. With the demotion of Pluto, Planet x can no longer be called the tenth planet which is technically irrelevant. What is relevant is what IRAS imaged…


In a Victoria Advocate article published on June 14th 1988, NASA astronomer John D Anderson was quoted as saying “telemetry from Pioneer 10 indicated the existence of Planet X”. What is relevant here is Dr Anderson is a NASA scientist with one heck of a résumé. What he says in that news article is powerful. He says there is an above 90% chance of Uranus and Neptune being disturbed and his one candidate for that is Planet X. At this point the government becomes much more interested in keeping attention closer to home, after all, if you can’t see it then its not there. Thankfully other minds had other notions. Dr Robert Harrington chief officer for the U.S Naval Observatory published in October 1988,

His paper entitled ” The location of Planet X” in the astronomical journal. In an August 1990 television interview with Zachariah Sitchin, Harrington said that Pluto had been a satellite of Neptune that had been dislodged by Planet X which he believed could sustain some form of life. He also showed Sitchin a diagram he had

created approximating the location of Planet X. Following that interview Harrington commissioned the construction of a special telescope for a Planet X sky survey in 1991. Which was completed at the black birch Observatory in New Zealand. The New Zealand observations where made using Harrington’s calculations and the results were sent to NASA. However those films vanished and were never seen again which leaves us with a big question: “Did Harrington find Planet X?”


n 1992 Sitchen produced a documentary called “Are we alone in the Universe” at the end of which Sitchin quotes a NASA press release from that same year saying the following: “Unexplained deviations in the orbits of both Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses on a highly tilted orbit beyond 7 million miles from the Sun.” This press release suggests Harrington did find Planet X in 1991 but the truth will never be known because before he could publish his findings he passed away from the onset if rapid esophageal cancer on January 23rd 1993. With his New Zealand findings suppressed and having died before he could publish Hus findings many believe he was assassinated. An obituary by Charles E Whorley of the U.S Naval Observatory and said that late in his career Bob seemed quite sceptical of such an object however no other sources have come forward to corroborate Whorley’ claim, consequently Harrington’s death was a shot out the dark that quickly silenced the Planet X topic both with the mainstream media and scientists alike. In a real sense it was a veiled threat, tamper with this at the risk of your own career or perhaps even your life. In this regard the obituary was highly effective. Never the less there is an interesting question: Harrington build a specialised telescope for a U.S Naval Observatory station in New Zealand. The mission was simple, to find Planet X. So then…did they? Who knows? Because until NASA decides to declassify Harrington’s observations all I can say is where there’s smoke there is fire.


Now if your wondering to yourself if you should do some of your own planning and preparations for whatever may come know this…

When the worst of it hits it will not be brief. This will not be weeks or months. Rather we are looking at several years. Perhaps longer than a decade. What this means is your supplies, no matter how well organised, will run out.  What they do is buy you time to work something else out. To optimise that gift of time gather knowledge now. After things run out, knowledge will help you to endure. In susequint articles I will bring you up to speed on the last 17 years of Planet X and how I no longer believe its a single planet but rather a group of planets and their moons orbiting a brown dwarf star that is the binary companion of our own Sun. I will also give you useful information I like to call “Transition Planning” to help you stand the best chance of making it out the other side of this cataclysm alive.

Until then.

Are you prepared?

Clinton “DEFCON 1” Morris

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