Our Fears May Be Confirmed: Monster Cat 5 Hurricane May Indeed Be Headed Directly For East Coast

Hurricane Irma is being tracked for a direct hit to the east coast at some point next week and when it was posted some people on social media were not happy about talking about the storm so early. However, it is looking to be a huge storm, and it should not be ignored, and people need to be aware that it is looking as though the east coast is going to be hit directly.

Huge Category 5 Hurricane Heading Towards East Coast, Worst Fears Confirmed

The tracking of Hurricane Irma has shown that not only is it making its way to the east coast but it also shows that it may be tracking further to the north. The GFS model tracking the hurricane is showing that it is heading towards the North Carolina and Virginia region and it may even hit further to the north, possibly New Jersey and New York.

Second Storm Brewing Up Just Behind Hurricane Irma

The GFS has shown that not only is Hurricane Irma heading towards land there is another second storm brewing up close behind it. At the moment it is far too early to predict anything accurately, but it is important to be aware of the hurricane and the second storm building up. The hurricane does have time to die perhaps down, or it could take a huge shift in the direction it is traveling. However, it could also remain a category five hurricane, and it might just make a direct hit on the east coast.

For the time being Hurricane Irma has been predicted to be the next big weather disaster, following on from the damage to Texas. At the moment Irma is intensifying at a rapid rate in the Atlantic Ocean, and it does pose a threat to the Caribbean along with the US.

On Wednesday Irma was given the name tropical storm, but by Thursday it has gained in strength and became a category three hurricane, and it keeps building up. The explosive strengthening of Irma is known as rapid intensification, and wind speeds have increased in 24 hours by 30 knots. The National Hurricane Center said that Irma had become a hurricane that was very impressive and has made rapid intensification.

Hurricane Irma Is Classic Cape Verde Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey did just the same, as it too underwent rapid intensification before it made landfall last Friday. It quickly strengthened from the tropical storm it started off as into a category four hurricane when it hit Corpus Christi in Texas.

Hurricane Irma is said to be the classic Cape Verde hurricane, which is a hurricane that begins in the Far East Atlantic close to the Cape Verde Islands and then tracks across the Atlantic Ocean. Storms from Cape Verde are among some of the biggest and the most intense hurricanes.

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