People Want A Reality Show Where Flat Earthers Look For The Edge Of Earth

Flat Earthers are a group who believe that as the name suggests, that the Earth is actually flat but that the mainstream media, the government, and the world’s major agency are keeping up the illusion that the Earth is spherical for some unknown nefarious purpose.

While Flat Earthers make up a small proportion of the popular, they have an incredibly strong presence on various social media platforms such as Reddit. Now their prevalence has driven some non-believers to the edge, and they are trying to come up with a solution to put an end to the idea of the Flat Earth once and for all.

Could a reality TV show end the Flat Earth theory?

One user on Reddit suggested that a reality show might be the best way to ‘cure’ the flat Earth ‘problem.’ They suggest that a group of Flat Earthers should be sent out on a mission to discover the end of the Earth in a reality show that would be loosely modeled on Survivor. It is quite common for Flat Earthers to believe that it is not actually possible to reach the end of the Earth as its location at the South Pole blocked off by a gigantic wall of ice and that it is heavily guarded by the world’s military. Perhaps, Reddit users suggested, if the group of Flat Earthers was taken to the South Pole and shown that this was not the case that they might come to change their minds.

Other people suggested that a group of Flat Earthers could be shown that the Earth is round in a different way, such as being put in a space shuttle and being sent into space so that they could see the shape of the Earth with their own eyes. However, others pointed out that some Flat Earthers have fervently claimed in the past that they simply would not believe that the Earth was round even if they saw it with their own eyes.

This apparent irrational belief led some of the contributors to the thread to become quite frustrated with the Flat Earth believers and make suggestions such as “if you’re going to deny science in such a stupid f***ing way and spout conspiracy theories about NASA you should be banned from using anything made possible by science. Have these morons living in huts with zero access to technology.”

Flat Earthers are often quite bemused at the level of hostility that their beliefs attract online. After all, if they are wrong, it shouldn’t matter quite so much to other people what they believe in.