Poacher Eaten By Lions Leaving Only His Head

Poaching is a practice that happens all over the world, many times illegally.

Poachers do it for the pleasure they get in tracking down and killing animals, while others do it for money. However, recently the tables were turned on a poacher who went into lion territory with the aim of killing a lion. Instead, the lions tracked and killed the poacher, eating him and leaving only his head behind.

Anti-poachers Might Say Justice Was Done

There are many people against poaching and protecting wild animals and anti-poachers might say that justice was done in this incident. Many poachers only take certain parts of the animals they kill for monetary gains, such as rhino horn or elephant tusks. This time the lions turned the tables on the poacher and ate him when he wandered into a South African private game park.

The man went into the private game park to search out a pride of lions, but it was not him that got the upper hand in the search as the lions attacked the poacher. The lions proceeded to maul the man to death in the incident which occurred over the weekend of February 10, 2018, in the province of Limpopo. The incident took place in the Kruger National Park, and after mauling the man to death they ate him and the only evidence was his head.

Authorities First Thought the Man Was a Park Employee

A local police spokesperson, Moatshe Ngoepe, said that at first, the authorities believed that the man was a park employee who had been driving a tractor and who had gone missing for a few days. However, thoughts changed when the man turned up, and it was then said that the man was a poacher who had wandered into the Kruger National Park with the intention of poaching.

On closer inspection police found a hunting rifle that was loaded near to the few remains of the man and this led the police to believe that the man was indeed a poacher. The man had not been identified yet but a police spokesperson said that identifying him may be possible due to the fact that his head remained intact.

The poaching of lions has occurred in the Limpopo region in the past. In January 2017 three lions were found dead after being poisoned and had their paws and heads removed. It is said that lion parts are used in traditional medicine in Africa.