Proof Of Living Giants? Huge Nephilim Soldier Caught On Camera

This footage could be the best proof for living giants caught on camera. This soldier is about 8 feet tall.

An eye witness reports:

‘I live two blocks from this store and was out the night it was on fire , I think it started with the car but what I do remember is I’m 6′ 4″ I was approached by 5 soldiers and one of them was huge! Even for me and like I just said I’m 6’4″ and he was about 8′ at least if I had to guess what’s crazy is I didn’t think nothing of it but this guy is big, it wasn’t till a little while later that night a different group of 3 soldier approached us and one of them was just as big as the first one.They were two different guys because I talked to both of them. Thx for posting this video I tried to tell a few family members and they all think I’m crazy but this is going to show them.’