Quadcopter Drone Flying Over The Ancient “Devil’s Doorway In Peru

Located near the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru, the so called “Devil’s Doorway” is a series of three recesses carved into an ancient red sandstone outcrop. It is unknown who made it, when it was created, or what it’s original function was, though in modern times it is used for meditation.

Dowsers that I have been with to this “portal” system have felt strong “male” energy in the central recess, and “female” energy in the side channels. As red sandstone is high in iron content, it could channel or focus earth energies I suppose.

The proper name of the site is Amaru Muru, which means the “gate or doorway of the snake” in the Inca language. Below is a video I made with my quadcopter “Pachacutec” flying over and around this intriguing ancient place.

Join us in August 2017 as we explore amazing ancient sites in Peru, including Machu Pic’chu and flying over the Nazca Lines, all part of the experience of studying the amazing elongated skulls found in various locations. Full itinerary below.