Real Qi-Gong Master Demonstrates His Chi Energy

A popular topic in literature in nearly every culture is the presence of abilities in humans that are supernatural.

One such example involves a man by the name of Mr. Zhang Baosheng, who is thought of by the Chinese Government and the United States CIA to possess paranormal abilities. More specifically, the STRAGATE files have revealed that Baosheng can make small objects penetrate obstacles without any known changes to the properties after such an occurrence.

“The experiment demonstrated Mr. Zhang Baosheng possesses paranormal abilities. He can make small objects penetrate obstacles. After such penetrations, the microscopic structure and properties do not show and observable changes.”

The STRAGATE files suggest that Baosheng has the ability to obtain knowledge from his own past lives and the past lives of other individuals and animals, has telepathic powers, can create clones of himself and others, and perhaps can obtain immortality. What is more astounding is that the STRAGATE files reveal that Baosheng is not the only individual to possess such powers and cites dozens of people who also hold such supernatural powers.

Dating back to early 1980s, it has been revealed that hundreds of establishments to study children were formed with the sole intent to study whether or not the children possessed exceptional abilities and mental abilities that were of the supernatural realm. Among the findings were reports that the children were able to us teleportation involving objects from one location to another, in addition to reports claiming the children could break through barriers related to space.

Such developments have aided the push for scientific study in relation to phenomena that are not of the physical nature. Many scientists in contemporary society are attempting to bring more attention to this type of science and conduct experiments that prove the existence of such phenomena. There are public fear and stigma involving such powers, and those who are claimed to possess these powers are wise to be hesitant about displaying them in public because it could bring about violent and negative reactions.