Antarctica is not what people thought according to Russia. Apparently, the governments of the USA and Russia have been keeping what Antarctica really is top secret as both countries have known what is really going on but they have never spoken out until now.


Russia recently revealed that there is another continent hidden under the ice in Antarctica and many people think that this is where an ancient civilization that fell lies. This is what has been said to be what has attracted the interest of some of the great leaders. Now Antarctica has a ban and people are wondering why the governments chose to keep what is an important discovery top secret.

Russian scientists then found hundreds of lakes underneath the ice of Antarctica, and these are not frozen as you would have thought, but they contain fresh water that has been isolated away for more than 10 million years. The scientists drilled down through the ice and reached the biggest of the lakes, and this is said to have taken them ten years. An elevator has now been installed in the hole, and it took a team of 8 underneath the ice of Antarctica and revealed the lakes that were hidden.


Russian scientists were in Antarctica and they had been baffled when they came across a created that they termed Organism 46b. The creature is said to be extremely dangerous due to the fact that it paralyzes the prey it catches with venom and then tears it into pieces at leisure. The creature has proven theories that there are monsters lurking underneath the ocean and ice. When the Russian scientists were researching the region they came across the frightening creature which they called Organism 46b. The scientists said that the creature is a lot like a big octopus and it has 14 arms. The creature is able to paralyze people thanks to it having strong venom and it can do this at more than 150 feet away. It has been reported that one of the members of the crew from Russia had been killed by the creature.

Scientists took the creature to study it, and they say that it seems to be a cross between the Mimic Octopus, which is found in the Indo-Pacific and Organism 46b. The creature is said to have the camouflage powers of the octopus, but it can take mimicry even further. One crew member said that they saw the creature change its form to that of a human diver and with this ability, there is no wonder that it has been kept a secret. The witness to this was said to have been killed by the creature as it fooled him into thinking that it was just one of the crew members. This led to the crew capturing the creature and putting it into a tank. They used a woman who had incredible abilities and techniques for defending herself. The Russian scientists said that they took the creature so that they could look into the capabilities of it along with the venom. At the moment what else might be hiding away underneath the ice in Antarctica is still a secret.