Russian Colonel : We Are Ready For The Invasion

The Russian Colonel claims he had a “personal” encounter with aliens and that he had seen President Michael Gorbachev and Yeltsin meet with extraterrestrials.

He also issued a statement of warning from a real alien invasion upcoming, as the extraterrestrial beings are already here and have held humanity hostage without their knowledge, but with cooperation from their leaders.

In an interview, Skryabin says our leaders have sold out humanity down the river and to the aliens, the invasion is just few steps away.

The interview was given to a newspaper of Czech Republic and published in its website. However, in two days this interview was deleted from everywhere…

Skryabin said “this will be the last election in Russia and everywhere and we approached a time when our world will be as a concentration camp since 2017”

This Russian General have made contact with extraterrestrials as he was sent underground to conduct a personal training with them, he said “It was terrible experience, Humanity was sold fully to the ET’s by our president and the corrupted government”

Here’s a video by UFOmania:


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