Russian Wonder Kid Claims He Was Born On Mars And Reincarnated On Earth

The indigo child Boriska, who lives in Volgograd, Russia, allegedly lived on and was reborn on Earth. His knowledge and abilities have captivated everyone around the world including his parents and the scientists.

From the time Boriska was a four-year-old child his parents took him regularly to an atypical area called Medvedetskaya Gryada which was a mountain in the surrounding of Zhirinovsk where they lived. His parents claimed they are going there in order for their son to feed his necessity for natural energy.

His parents aren’t short-sighted people, in fact, they are well educated and successful people and the thing their son has amazing skills fascinated and confused them profoundly.

Boriska’s mother is a doctor so she easily detected he is special since he held his head without any help only two weeks after his birth. He started speaking a few months after he was born and at the age of one and a half he was able to read, draw and paint.

While Boriska was going to a kindergarten, his educators there couldn’t help to notice his marvelous writing and language talents so as his alluring memory skills.

Nevertheless, Boriska’s parents were fascinated and they thought he acquired his talents outside the borders of our world.

Boriska’s mother and father didn’t teach him anything about the galaxy, yet, they say he would sit and share details about Mars, planetary systems and alien civilizations.

With the time passing and the boy growing older, his enchantment with the galaxy became his number one interest. In every opportunity, he got he was recalling and sharing parts from his previous life on the red planet. Boriska stated that Mars still has civilization even though it suffered a calamitous catastrophe in the distant past.

The story continues with Boriska claiming that in the past, he used to be a pilot who traveled to Earth, especially in the period when Ancient Lemurians were living on it.  He confirms his statement by knowing special facts and details about the Lemurians like the fact they disappeared because they didn’t manage to develop their society in a spiritual way.

Boriska received a gift from his mother, a book called “Whom We Are Originated From” by Ernest Muldashev. According to his parents, he couldn’t stop exploring this book and the drawings of the Ancient Lemurians. The boy described them as hefty beings that grew even nine meters in length.

When his parents asked him how he recalls all these details, the boy claimed he remembers because he was a part of it, he saw everything with his own eyes.

The wonder kid assures that there is a lot more to be discovered on the Earth pointing the Great Pyramid of Giza where beneath he claims it is located abundant knowledge. “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly,” claims Boriska.

Boriska explains the catastrophe that happened on Mars was because of the nuclear war between the “beings” living there and causing a major fire. There were only a few survivors, he claims, who constructed protection lodges and new weapons. The boy states the Martians breathe carbon dioxide and if they sometimes come to our planet they would have to breathe out from pipes filled with it.

When the scientists asked him why doesn’t he need carbon dioxide to survive if he is a Martian, he answered that he was reincarnated on the Earth in a body which needs oxygen. And he said that the oxygen is causing him to get older.

Scientists made questions towards the boy about man-made spacecrafts that constantly crash on Mars as they reach it. The boy suggested Martians are able to transfer special gestures capable of destroying radiation.

The boy, without a doubt, ha an extraordinary awareness of space, Interstellar spacecraft and UFO’s way of work.

The young boy characterized the UFO as an object with six layers from which the upper layer of solid metal is 25 percent, the second layer of rubber is 30 percent, the third layer of metal is 30 percent and the last layer with magnetic properties is 4 percent. The boy also gives an opinion that if we give energy to the last, magnetic layer, spaceships would be capable of flying across the Cosmos.