Scientists Reveal Peru Alien Mummies Have Chromosome Numbers of Humans but Not The Anatomy

Researchers in Russia have looked at samples of tissue that were taken from a strange alien-looking creature found in Peru last year. The mummy has three fingers and a skull that is elongated and ufologists have been very excited since the find.

Peru Mummy Dates Back to 5th Century AD

The first analysis of the tissue samples indicated that the mummy which was given the name of Maria and found in a tomb close to the Nazca lines in Peru was that of a humanoid being with 23 pairs of chromosomes. The mummy is said to date back to the 5th century AD, which was a millennium before America was discovered by Europeans.

Professors Konstantin Korotov and Natalya Zaloznaya, from the National Research University in St. Petersburg, collected tissue samples in Peru and took them to St. Petersburg for them to be analyzed. Korotkov said that Maria might represent a certain race that evolved a long time before the human race. The professor said that the race could have perished due to flooding or perhaps a comet strike.

The team is keen to look into how the composition of Maria relates to South American people, African and elsewhere. Korotkov said that at the moment they are analyzing to find out if the chromosomes position of amino acids coincides with humans.

X-ray Reveals Rib Structure Differs From Human Beings

Tomography and x-rays revealed that Maria has a rib structure that is different to human beings. The upper part is keep shaped along with having ribs that are semi-circular. The rib cage is said to provide protection to the internal organs of the creature and these do resemble human beings. Zaloznaya said that the contours of the bronchi and trachea could clearly be seen along with the shape of the valves. The contours of the spleen, liver, and diaphragm could also be seen clearly.

Scientists said that Maria had been embalmed in a white cadmium chloride powder and the antibacterial effect had been what has preserved Maria for such a long time. Researchers are now working with colleagues in Peru to decipher the genome along with breaking down the DNA coding. They want to be able to convince authorities to bring Maria to Russia. Professor Korotkov said that he had seen four more mummies while in Peru. They were all male and had DNA made up of 23 pairs of chromosomes, just like human beings. He did go on to say that while they appeared to be human they are not as their anatomic structure is different. He believes they may be extra-terrestrial or bio-robots.