Scientists Say That People With Anxiety Could Have ‘Superpowers’

It goes without saying that life with an anxiety disorder is not a joke. It’s far from being fun and living with it is no walk in the park.

Heightened sense of worry

People who suffer from anxiety know exactly how this feels. Some consider this to be a bad thing, but there are cases when this part of the disorder can come in handy.

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The evolution of anxiety

Some studies suggest that, just like intelligence, anxiety may have evolved within people.

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Anxiety is associated with high IQ

Other studies have shown that people suffering from anxiety disorder also show higher levels of IQ in majority of cases.

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Anxiety is not something negative

Dr. Jeremy Coplan, a study researcher at Downstate Medical Center in State University of NY, says that almost everyone looks at anxiety as something negative – which is wrong. Anxiety is closely linked to intelligence.

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Coplan also explained that the disabling part of anxiety disorder, the one that makes all worries irrational – and in extreme cases dangerous, can become useful and adaptive. He also claims that those who act on “dangerous situations” are most likely to survive and preserve lives of others.

Study of 44

Dr. Coplan gathered a (rather small) group of 44 people – 26 of them were diagnosed with anxiety disorders, whereas others weren’t.

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All of them took an IQ quiz and a test designed to asses the level of their worry. The study found that people with higher levels of worry had the higher IQ.

Attuned to “certain” energies

There are those who believe that anxiety disorder causes people to be more empathetic and read emotional signs better. Some even believe that anxiety help people attune to certain energies.

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It goes without saying that the study is not trying to make fun of anxiety disorder. Dr. Jeremy Coplan is convinced that people who suffer from anxiety not only have higher IQ, but can achieve more with adequate help.

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Channeling the excess energy produced within a brain of an individual can prove that not every disorder is necessarily a negative thing.

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