See The Giant Underwater Obelisks Directly Below The Pyramids!

Ever wondered what’s on the exact opposite side of the Great Pyramid of Giza? Well, those who did were in for a surprise.

As it turns out, if you insert these coordinates:

32°30’07.74″ S 149°52’46.51″ W

into Google Earth you’ll find out that there are three obelisk-like structures and what appears to be a hole 3,000 feet (900 meters) deeper than the Mariana Trench. This discovery has caused a sensation among proponents of the theory that the ancient pyramids were in fact generators.

Some believe pyramids and other ancient megalithic structures are still active and continue to receive energy from the Sun or the Earth’s energy field grid system and can even transmit said energy between them. These ancient ‘power towers’ would take turns acting as power receivers or transmitters, depending on their position relative to the Sun or the Earth’s axis tilt.Taking this into account, these mysterious towers on the bottom of the pacific Ocean become even stranger

There are three pyramids on the Giza plateau and three corresponding structures on the other side of the earth. Is there a connection between them?

Some believe there is a distinct link between the UFO phenomenon and the anomalies in the magnetic field reported around these ancient structures.

Many UFOs/USOs have been sighted diving into or surfacing from the sea. Do these obelisks act as beacons or ‘power outlets’? Do they signal the entrance to an underwater base? No one knows.

Here’s a video showing the strange structures: