Shocking: 9 Nostradamus Predictions For 2017 That Everyone Must Know!

Each time the year ends, people are very curious as to what 2017 will bring to us. Will it be good or bad luck? We just have to know.

Michel de Nostredame, or known as Nostradamus he was widely-known, served as a psychic who made a lot of infamous predictions through his lifetime which eventually proved to be true events in the future.

Here’s what Nostradamus predictions will turn into reality in 2017:

1. China

– China will take a radical step on fixing the “economic imbalance” that currently exists throughout the world. Nostradamus predicts that this will produce remarkable outcomes.

2. Cloud Computing

– The process “storing and accessing data over the internet instead of a computer’s hard drive” called Cloud Compututing will be soon no longer called such.

It will be called “computing” because it will be assumed that computers are done in the “cloud”

3. Italy

– Italy is about to face a vast crisis on finance and employment, making it the “epicenter” of Europe’s financial problems.

4. Wars

– Wars, which Nostradamus claimed that the “Hot wars” will be sparked by global warming and diminishing resources, but terrorism would be remain the biggest global threat.

5. Latin America

– Nostradamus also predicts that Latin America will be straying from leftist policies and move towards setting the stage for political unrest.

6. United States

– The United States will slowly diminish in power as they will encounter the problems in handling global issues fueled by political corruption, ideological diviveness, and increasing inequality.

7. Solar Power

– The significant role of solar power as a global resource will spark more attention than before because of the rising energy costs and climate change.

8. Air Space

– Commercial space will be in demand as commercial space travel develops, making it the real deal in this year.

9. Ukraine and Russia
– Ukraine and Russia will make amends and decide on a truce for which terms are still unknown. The United States will not be happy with this arrangement, but Germany and the rest of Europe would be glad to hear it.
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