Soon Coming Signs in the Heavens – Hidden From the Unsuspecting Public

Since 1983, as reported in the Washington Post on December 30th, 1983, the world became aware of a foreign celestial object that was moving into our solar system. According to this article written by Thomas O’Toole, this object was discovered by a telescope aboard the IRAS satellite and could only be viewed in the Infrared spectrum as it was extremely cold, and covered in a cloud of dust which makes viewing it with optical telescopes impossible, since it generates or reflects no light. At this point it was estimated that this object was about 50 billion miles away from the sun, which would put it much further away than the outermost planet known at the time which was Pluto at 3.67 billion miles.

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Washington Post Article, 1983

No further news about this object was seen until 1992 when NASA, in one of its press releases referred to this object which was affecting the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. Thw following was seen in 1992 and read as follows:

Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the Sun”. (NASA Press Release, 1992)

This information is no longer available on NASA’s website which would prompt us to ask the following question: ”Why do they not want people to read this?” NASA provided the following message to explain this information being missing from their website:

“Editor’s note:

This archive is missing some press releases from 1990 through 1994, though the archive ostensibly links to those files. We are working to resolve the problem and apologize for the inconvenience.” (NASA Website Editor’s Note, 2016)

Since NASA has now struggled for twenty five years with a simple IT issue and have still not had any success to link it properly – telling us that the information definitely is there, but that they cannot resolve the problem, it would lead to one of two possibilities:

1: Either NASA employed IT people with absolute zero capability, or
2: NASA’s intention is to hide this information from the public for a specific reason.

The first option above would not seem to explain the situation as allowing people to fail at a simple IT task for twenty five years would really not be tolerated by any company of note, much less an organization that is on the cutting edge of technology. So the only alternative would be for the second option to be valid.

What is evident from this article, however, is that the distance between this object and the sun had significantly decreased since 1983 when it was estimated at 50 billion miles away. We also see NASA explaining that this object has a different orbit to that of the other planets that are all moving on the ecliptic.

In addition, it is interesting to note that 6 nations have gone to Antarctica as part of a project in which they scan the heavens with infrared telescopes. These nations include the following countries:  Australia, China, France, Japan, Italy and the USA. Why the sudden interest in viewing the heavens from the South Pole in the infrared spectrum? Does it have to do with the fact that this object is extremely cold and that it does not reflect light? Could it have something to do with the fact that this object is orbiting the sun on a highly tilted orbit?

Can we find further proof of this to be true? Is NASA and others with access to technology through which this object can be viewed deliberately hiding information from the general public about a celestial object for very specific reasons?

When we look at Google Sky and use the infrared spectrum we see the following image of the sky around us when we are zoomed out:


Infrared Google Sky Map

The two black bands that are displayed can be explained as missing data where scans of the sky did not properly overlap. However there is a small section on this map (circled in red) where part of the image is blocked out. When we zoom in a little, we see that it is located in the Virgo constellation:

Infrared Google Sky map showing anomaly in Virgo Constellation

Why would Google and NASA block out only this small patch of sky and is this just a glitch in their software or was this done intentionally? If we zoom in a little more, we can see some of the detail protruding from this black patch, suggesting that there is definitely something hidden behind the square of blackness. Zooming in to this detail, we see the following:

Protruding features visible of object behind black patch

If this is just a glitch, then surely this should only be visible on Google Sky’s infrared map of the sky not true? Surely, other maps would show us what is hidden in this spot?

Enter the Worldwide Telescope – a different application in which one can also view the heavens in the infrared spectrum. Here is an image taken from the program in the same region as the black patch shown above:

Normal view of Worldwide Telescope

It is not immediately evident what is going on in this picture due to the fact that the background is so dark. However, tweaking the color levels and  brightness a little of this image, we see the following:

Color adjusted image to show anomaly

Can you see the area that is blocked out on this image? It is not only using a different infrared map than that of Google Sky, but the square blocking out information is also different in size and shape to the image in Google Sky! Now what are the chances of two maps showing different glitches in exactly the same region of the sky?

It is clear that whoever is obscuring these areas in the sky are doing it intentionally, but why?

There are however people with access to equipment that can view this area of space in the infrared spectrum and this is what they have shared with us – showing what is hidden behind the redactions:

Unknown celestial entity – only visible in the infrared spectrum

When this image is overlaid onto the black patch seen in Google Sky, we see a perfect match of the surrounding detail with what is shown in this image:

Perfect match of object in Google Sky

It is clear that those who are in the know, have information about this object that they want to keep from the general public and as such this object is not shown in any of the applications with which a person can view the sky in the infrared spectrum.

However, there is an ancient Book that tells us about this object, referring to it as a Great Red Dragon and this Book describes events that will happen in September based on a prophecy and a vision that are associated with two alignments that were given and associated with Jupiter’s position relative to the Virgo constellation in September.

These alignments are shown in the images below and occurred almost 6,000 years apart. They are also the only two instances in which these alignments occurred in this form throughout all of earth’s history.

Two alignments showing the position of Jupiter in September when major prophecies are fulfilled

These heavenly signs, although not expected by anyone other than those who are blocking the information from the public and those who are researching this outside of the mainstream education, will have cataclysmic implications for the earth in the years to come. It specifically describes a collision between the Red Dragon, which the powers that be are trying to hide from the world, and Jupiter. This event is scheduled to occur on September 9th, 2017 or shortly thereafter. Two weeks later another event will occur that will change the world as we know it today.

Are you aware of this and are you ready for this? Do you know that this information has remained hidden in order to avoid panic? Now people are so fast asleep, that even with clear evidence, they still prefer not to believe. You are however invited to watch the heavens around September 9th and see prophecy fulfilled! This is the sign given to the World to show that there exists Someone outside of time and space who can tell us the End right from the Beginning! There is still a little time remaining in order for you to get to know Him, as He already knows you, loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. Would you not consider this information carefully? It will affect your life and your future into eternity.