Stephen Hawking Predicted End Of World In Mysterious Paper Two Weeks Before He Died

One of the world’s greatest scientists passed away last week and now his final predictions have come to light, including a warning about the end of the world.

Only two weeks before Stephen Hawking passed away he submitted a research paper stating how scientists could find evidence of a multiverse. Hawking also predicted the end of the world.

The Paper Was Completed by Hawking On His Deathbed

The multiverse is a theory that suggests there are many universes out there and ours is just one of them caused by the Big Bang. The paper was said to have been completed while Hawking was on his deathbed. The idea behind it is that scientists can measure other universes with a spaceship detector. It is believed that if the evidence had been found during the lifetime of Hawking it might have been enough to secure him a Nobel Prize, something that escaped his grasp despite being nominated often for it. The paper has the title of “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” and was written alongside Thomas Hertog.

A paper that Stephen Hawking wrote along with James Hartle in 1983 describes how our universe came to exist. The theory also gave a suggestion about how the Big Bang created many other universes. The theory of how the universe expanded exponentially and then began to settle down to slower expansion has been impossible to test.

When the Stars Energy Runs Out Earth Will Fade Into Darkness and Stop Existing

Hertog said that he along with Hawking wished to take the idea of there being a multiverse and then turn it into a scientific framework that would be testable. The research, which has been described as ground-breaking, suggested that Earth will fade into darkness and stop existing when stars run out of their energy.

Just how Earth will fade away into blackness is something that has remained controversial. Professor Neil Turok, the director at the Perimeter Institute in Canada, has been somewhat confused as to why Hawking was so interested in the idea.

The Work of Hawking Could Be the Breakthrough Cosmology Needed

There has been controversy and there are some scientists who came to the conclusion that the work of Hawking might be the breakthrough that has been needed by cosmology. This is down to the fact that it is actually the first theory that could be tested.

Carlos Frenk, a professor of cosmology, agreed that previously it was impossible to measure other universes. He said that the idea that most intrigued him in the paper was that the multiverse has left an imprint on background radiation that permeated the universe and it could be measured using a detector on a spaceship.

Frenk talked about finding evidence about the existence of other universes and how it would change the perception completely of Earths place in the cosmos