Team Plans Scientific Expedition to Antarctica to ‘Prove’ the Earth is Flat

Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. Walking around on the planet’s surface, it looks and feels flat, so they deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere, to be fabrications of a “round Earth conspiracy” orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies.

In ancient China, the prevailing belief was that the Earth was flat and square, while the heavens were round, Chinese thought in the form of the earth remained almost unchanged from early times until the first contacts with modern science through the medium of Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century.

Well, now a group is officially planning an expedition to Antarctica for a series of scientific tests in a bid to prove their case that our planet is flat. It is known as “The Copernicus Project”. Their mission? “To obtain visual footage to prove Flat Earth.”

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