Teenage boy claims to have laid 20 eggs in the past two years

EGG Laying teenage BOY bewilders doctors!

Doctors are perplexed by a teenage boy, Akmal, from Gowa, Indonesia. Professing to have laid 20 eggs over two years, his father, Rusli, is adamant that Akmal is telling the truth.

Akmal states he has been commonly laying eggs since 2016, but doctors reassure that it is ‘impossible’ for humans to develop eggs within their bodies. After his father demanded Akmal be helped for his condition, doctors have decided to quarantine the young teen to study this anomaly. Akmal will be kept from school for two weeks in order to gain a better understanding of this condition that continues to haunt him.

Rusli has been in close contact with the local hospital over the past two years, but they have repeatedly denied him admittance as human laying eggs simply isn’t possible. As Akmal’s condition continuously grew worse, tension has grown between the hospital and Akmal’s family.

Rusli has studied the eggs himself by cracking them open, and his reported finding was that the insides of the eggs have always been yellow with no whites. Although, his findings have proved to be helpless in aiding doctors in discovering what disease is troubling the 14-year-old boy.

Multiple sources from the hospital have agreed that their suspicion is that Akmal has been purposely putting the eggs in his own rectum, but his father denies this claim.

Finally, Akmal was successfully able to lay two eggs before the doctor’s eyes, but doctors remain skeptical. Even locals have been questioning the behavior of the egg-laying-family.

Some nearby neighbors have been touting that this is just a publicity stunt in order for their family to grab the attention of the media, but Akmal is hopeful that he will get the help that he needs and his father’s temper will return to normal.

Now what came first, the teenage boy or the egg?

Source: http://www.disclose.tv