Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower Prototype Finally Duplicated By Physicists In Moscow

Tesla’s tower – Tesla’s dream of wireless transfer of energy over long distances can become a reality!

 – “Let the future tell the truth, judge every man according to his work and merit. The present is theirs, but the future is mine, for which I worked so hard. “- Nikola Tesla

And the future starts now…

Tesla’s tower (Wardenclyffe Tower): 12 meters high prototype finally raised!

“Energy will belong to everyone like the air we breathe …” – Nikola Tesla

Moscow based physicists graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) – Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov, have devoted more than six years of their lives to the study of the work of Nikola Tesla in the field of wireless power – Wardenclyffe Tower also known as the Tesla Tower. After years of research and successfully carried out scientific experiments they have undeniably concluded that Tesla was right! They redesigned the Tesla Tower (Wardenclyffe Tower) on the basis of Tesla’s basic principles, however, are now using modern materials and sophisticated advanced electronic components.

They made a detailed plan for the implementation of the first in the world wireless energy transmitter. Energy transmitter is able to transmit energy from any point on the planet at any other point around the globe enabling global wireless power broadcasting solution for the clean energy transmission problem today!

Plekhanov brothers successfully conducted scientific research and started the realization of the construction of the prototype, which is of interest to the entire scientific world and the public. Things were going to take place at a previously determined plan and a prototype was finally raised in May 2015!

The team has since then worked intensively on testing the first prototypes of Tesla’s tower and came to the conclusion that underground part of the tower (grounding) must be seriously improved. With this problem in the past has faced himself Tesla as is evident from his notes. The underground part is actually the most important and also the most expensive part of the whole of Tesla’s tower and therefore launched a new IndieGoGo (Crowdfunding – a public fundraising) campaign to collect the necessary funds.

Tesla’s Planetary Research Program: What does that even mean?

This means:

A world without power lines

A world without voltage substation and the same radiation

A world without plants using fossil fuels and pollute the environment

A healthier environment

The use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources

The availability of energy to all people regardless of where they are…

Each residential facility would have a small antenna over who would receive energy and then make that energy is distributed through the installation through the house

Electric cars

Poverty and hunger would be eradicated, it will be enough energy to produce food crops and breeding at any point in the world

All this is a future that is no longer so far and without which mankind can hardly survive the next century. The purpose of the planetary energy transmitter is to ensure the availability of energy anywhere in the world, even in very inaccessible places – it was a dream of Nikola Tesla and judging by the course of events his dream could be realized, of course with the help of ordinary people or donations to the project to proceed working. The new world would be more on a human scale… Our children and their children’s children we would leave a far better world.

It’s up to us. Tesla said in his time:

“The present belongs to them, but the future for which I had worked so hard belongs to me.”

We can say that the present belongs to them, but that all of us should strive to develop that the future belong to us, free-minded people. 

All information about the project, which many rightly called the greatest civilizational step forward in the history of mankind, are regularly published and updated on all existing resources to the Global Energy Transmission: