The Alien Space Craft Under the ocean

The mysteries of alien space crafts are never ending. Living on the planet like Earth welcomes many challenges which might risk its existence. One of the oldest challenge which earth faces is the involvement of alien powers. The report claims that there is still a mysterious space craft of aliens under one of the oceans of our Earth. The scientists has traced the presence of the space craft as they obtained many evidences including satellite phone etc. some added that the structure which scientists are stating as alien space craft is nothing but some natural disturbance of earth.

The geologists negate the fact and added more that the structure is metallic and there is nothing metallic like disturbance on the earth.

The secret behind this structure is still unsolved, some are saying that there is nothing abnormal in the structure and other stressed on the fact that this display is not related to earth and it is something threatening.

The subjectivity of opinions always exists even in scientific technologies. The solution remains in the fact that the proper examining and concrete evidences must proceed in this regard and minimize the possibility of ambiguity in the field of scientific discoveries.

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