The ‘Book Of Giants’ Describes How The Nephilim Were Destroyed

50 years ago, archaeologists discovered ancient scrolls and texts. One of these was The Book Of Giants, which outlines the destruction of the Nephilim. These artifacts were found in the Qumran Caves. Thousands of scrolls outline the history of the Nephilim.

The Nephilim Destruction Story

The Book of Giants depicts how the Nephilim came to be and their demise. The Nephilim were mythical creatures that never lived on Earth. They have been nicknamed, The Fallen, Apostates and those that cause others to fall. This seems to peg Satan, the fallen Angel. They were giants that inhabited our space. The Nephilim are mentioned in texts like Genesis in the Bible and the Book of Enoch, thought to be Noah’s great-grandfather. Enoch lived to be 265 years old. He walked and talked with God. This was a time that Angels walked and lived among people. The angels bred with the humans and created the Nephilim race. This race was extremely tall and strong.

Back to the text of the Book of Giants, it describes the race differently than Genesis does. They had violent ways and faced destruction by God. The race asked Enoch to talk to God. Their violence was so bad they felt Armageddon was upon them. They had visions of a “great flood”, which eventually was the flood that killed all but Noah’s family. Another dream showed a tree uprooted (maybe the tree of God and Evil). At this point, this is when they asked for Enoch’s help. However, Enoch was not on Earth, so they undertook a cosmic journey to find him. They found Enoch, and Enoch agreed to talk to God. Enoch sent back Mahway, but Mahway sent back bad news.

The bad news were tablets stating due to the destruction and interbreeding they caused, God was sending a flood to destroy them. They were to pray to loosen their bonds from sin.

This interesting story, to me, was a good bridge of why God wanted to destroy Earth. To me, just because Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Good and Evil was not enough. This story is believable in the sense of why God wanted the Nephilim destroyed. The description of the Fallen makes me believe that Satan was a Nephilim. I believe there are many more devils that existed than just Satan. It would explain the influence the Nephilim had on humans and how there was a moral decay of society.

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