The Creator of the Internet Was A Black Man Named Philip Emeagwali Google Confirms

Meet the father of the internet.. Of course you never heard of him because he is from Africa and the main stream media wouldn’t want to brand the “creator of the internet” title to a African American man. Nubian people, you are the masters of the universe and we are magic!

, a computer scientist, is but one example. He uses his mathematical and computer expertise to develop methods for extracting more petroleum from oil fields.

It was his formula that used 65,000 separate computer processors to perform 3.1 billion calculations per second in 1989. That feat led to computer scientists comprehending the capabilities of supercomputers and the practical applications of creating a system that allowed multiple computers to communicate. He is recognized as one of the fathers of the Internet.

Supercomputers range in price from $30 million to $100 million, and computer companies had reservations about building them for fear few agencies would make such pricey purchases.

“At that time, the argument was, ‘We shouldn’t build computers that way because who can program them?’ ” said Emeagwali, who is also a civil engineer.

Future applications for Emeagwali’s breakthroughs with the use of data generated by massively parallel computers include weather forecasting and the study of global warming.

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