The Floating City in China

The Chinese Television reports that thousands of residents of the city have seen huge city in the clouds. After few days people from the province of Jiangxi also reported seeing the similar image. Some who have captured the event said that they were mesmerized by the image of towering city of the sky appeared in the heart of clouds.

The interesting event only remained visible or few minutes, leaving people in great shock. There were numerous hypothesis which were made after this event, some stated that it might be the result of blue beam project and other states that it is something puzzling. There might be some parallel universe with our earth which reflects itself. Apart from mysteries.

The image of this city on sky is something very interesting. The appearance of floating city gives a mesmerizing view. Some still tackled in this respect that this phenomena is the result of some experiment which conducted by the scientists.

Anyhow the mystery remains there. People are trying to find out the reality on their own. Scientists have explained the phenome but somehow it is not satisfying the confusions of layman. This ambiguity remains ion its point and hence providing more thrill.