The Most Dangerous Military Hack Ever Reveals Evidence Of ET Technology

It was for more than a year, that a hacker from North London named Gary McKinnon managed to hack into NASA computers as well as dozens of computer systems held by the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force and the Department of Defence, all completely undetected.

Gary was searching for evidence of the cover-up of free energy sources and UFO activity as well as any other potential information that might be useful for the public at large. Naturally, when the US government found out about his cyber-hacking escapades, they were determined to bring him to trial and cover up ALL evidence!


The US government stated that they believed that McKinnon had been responsible for causing way over $800,000 worth of damage to their computers in his cyber-hacking spree. There followed ten years of frantic legal wrangling as the United States aimed to secure an extradition compliance from their allies in the United Kingdom. While the British government was initially sympathetic to the United States (as always!) the former Home Secretary (and current Prime Minister) Theresa May, withdrew her compliance on human rights grounds. There were concerns that McKinnon’s mental health was too fragile to put him through the harrowing extradition procedure and that he was a suicide risk. Shortly after that, the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time, Keir Starmer, said that he after he had assessed the evidence he had concluded that there was not enough to try him in the United Kingdom as the United States were withholding much of their case work.

The secrets in one mans mind?

Therefore, it appears that McKinnon has managed to evade punishment after being accused of the ‘biggest military computer hack of all time.’ Now, he is assured that he will not face trial for his hacking, McKinnon feels as though he can speak freely about what he uncovered in the United States’ secret databases. So what did he find out? He claims that he has read the four hundred testimonials from the witnesses of the Disclosure Project. He said that these testimonials came from highly credible witnesses including air traffic controllers and those responsible for the maintenance of nuclear weapons. He also said that he uncovered raw image files of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings in NASA’s databases. He claimed that these pictures had been released in a doctored state to the general public.

The full details of his incredible discoveries can be viewed in this fascinating video interview. Please SHARE this important article and let the masses know what is REALLY going on:


Well yet again here is a man who dug a little too deep and discovered a lot and now fears for his life after numerous threats from the Elite!  The list is now growing of people who have dug deep and discovered the secrets that the Elite/NASA want to hide away from us all – please see some more articles below:

With the likes of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (wikileaks owner) and many more, these are the people that can help the truth seekers of the world to expose the lies and deceit that the Elite have kept from us all – but at what price, lets not forget the many who have

It is time to bring to light the truth about the UFO’s and much much MORE!!


Edward Snowden is also a man in the KNOW!

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